The Daily Lobo photo desk assembled its end-of-semester photo issue. Here’s what they saw through their viewfinders and captured with their cameras.

Behind The Laughter by Sergio Jiménez/@SXfoto

If laughter is the best medicine, then The Show has the cure. The Show, Albuquerque’s very own critically acclaimed improv comedy troupe, has had audiences chuckling for more than two years at The Box Performance Space and Improv Theatre downtown.

Behind the laughter though are countless hours of devotion and dedication for the improvisers to perfect their craft. Melissa Heiman, The Show manager and performer, has been doing improv for about five years and knows very well the ins and outs of improvisational performance.

“Discipline, hard work and continued training are important aspects of what makes an improv troupe successful,” Heiman said.

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Painting Art-Deck-O by William Aranda/@_WilliamAranda
Nicole Montes first picked up a skateboard when she was in middle school. Nearly 20 years later, she is the owner of Silver Skate Shop on Central near UNM. Montes said she considers the kids who come into shop as family.

“A lot of these kids I have known for 10 plus years now,” she said.

She wants the customers to get the best gear they can use for a long time, she said.

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Hitting The Ground Rolling by Frida Salazar/@FridaSg5

Brittany Orozco, a 20-year-old CNM psychology student, has been learning roller derby for 3 months. Everything started when one of her friends, who knew she liked the sport, told her about a roller derby game flyer.

When Orozco went to see it, discovered that everyone interested in being a “derby girl” could sign up and get started, since then, she is part of the Roller Derby learning crew held by the Duke City Roller Derby, the New Mexico’s first All Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby League since 2005.

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Twin Ambition by Di Linh Hoang

Heather and Katie Rooke are more than twins in nearly every way: they are majoring in the same degree, but also participate in many organizations at UNM.

Heather and Katie are both majoring in business but chose different minors. The sisters are first-year students at UNM, but have enough credits to be sophomores. UNM was not the sisters’ first choice, but they found out it wasn’t what they expected and started to like UNM more than they thought they might.

“UNM wasn’t our original choice for school, but I think the organization we got involved in and the stuff that is extracurricular are the things that make me actually realize UNM is okay and I like it,” said Katie.

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Remembering Daniel Tillison by Ardee Napolitano/@ArdeeTheJourno

Local activist Mary Jobe scribbled on the ground with a stick while sitting on the grass at Mesa Vista Community Center on May 3. She drew a heart next to the phrase, “RIP Oreo,” then sprinkled little yellow flowers all over the doodle.

“He had drug problems, but he wasn’t violent,” she said. “He didn’t support his habits in a violent way. He was not a violent man. He was a wonderful father. He was actually the one who attended all the parent conferences and took the kids to their doctor’s appointments because I was always working during the day.”

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50 Years of Love and Respect by Aaron Sweet/@AaronCSweet

Lilly Trujillo smiles as she thinks back over the past 50 years, “You know when you see birds and they kiss, then you see stars, I know it sounds silly, but I did. Man what a wonderful thing it is if you stick together.”

Lilly and Carlos Trujillo met at Garfield junior high school. Carlos, a good friend of Lilly’s brother, told her at that time that he was going to marry her one day. Little did they know at that time this would become reality just a few years later. They began dating during their sophomore year in high school, and married a year after graduation.

Tonight, 52 years after they started dating, Lilly helps Carlos adjust his suspenders, moments before they enter the 50-year anniversary masquerade party their children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and friends have thrown them. Lilly and Carlos have both dedicated their lives to their children, and to others’ children who were in need of their guidance and influence.

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