The Graduate and Professional Student Association narrowly rescinded a divestment resolution during a council meeting Saturday.

The council voted 11-10 to repeal the resolution, said Kris Miranda, acting council chair for the meeting. GPSA Council Chair Maria Elena Corral cast the tie-breaking vote, Miranda said.

The council originally passed the resolution during its last meeting in April. The resolution called for the creation of a committee that would review issues related to socially responsible investment, according to the resolution. It also called for transparency in UNM divestment from companies that engage in unethical behavior, including the violation of human rights, according to the resolution.

GPSA Equity and Inclusion Chair Amber Dukes had concerns over the resolution that the debate did not include certain groups that could be affected by the resolution, Miranda said.

“Lobos for Israel expressed their concern about the fact that the agenda hadn’t been posted on the website ahead of time, so there wasn’t fair notice, and with it being the Jewish Sabbath, Amber was concerned about having disenfranchised a group that had a large stake in the resolution,” he said.

Dukes and Asha Baker, GPSA student support and advocacy chair, co-sponsored another resolution that apologized on behalf the council for passing the previous divestment resolution, according to the GPSA agenda. The resolution was voted down, Miranda said.

Dukes and Baker co-sponsored another resolution that called for transparency and a committee to review issues related to socially responsible investments, according to the agenda. It did not include any mention of Israel. That resolution also failed, Miranda said.

“Now we don’t have a resolution making any particular statement about the University’s investment,” Miranda said.