Printed December 17, 1948

As the Lobo went to press yesterday, the Co-operative Bookstore Campaign fund hit the $16,000 mark with $4,000 in pledges still to be signed.

With the option on building to house the bookstore extended until Monday, Student Council members were hopeful of reaching the $20,000 goal by noon Saturday – the absolute deadline, Dick Barrett, campaign chairman, said.

Pointing out that students and faculty members may sign more than one pledge, Barrett announced that the Associated Student office will be open all day Friday and Saturday morning to issue new and additional membership pledges.

Barrett also issued a call for more volunteers to canvass classes and individual students now making the rounds of classes in session, many instructors are giving the sales talk for them.

Now in its fourth week, the bookstore campaign appeared to be winding up to greater proportions after a slow start in its early days.

The increase in pledges signed is due largely to an intensified campaign, Barrett said, noting that as the campaign gained impetus, more volunteers showed up to aid in canvassing the campus.

AS plans for the bookstore are set up, each student will buy one shared in the project at $5.00 per share, and will receive dividends on that share. Loans to the Associated Students for greater amounts are urged, Barrett said.