Printed November 28, 1941

Dear out of stater.

Listen fellow, don’t you go tellin’ me as how as they play ball back home. It’s the same with all of you. Our eyes cross, a smile showing all of your bad teeth comes across your face and then you smugly say, “Back home we really play football.” It doesn’t take much of a reader to gather that Texas, Indiana, Illinois, Northwestern etc. have football teams even though they do fail to win all of the expected games. To hear you tell it the team back home can beat anything if they didn’t happen to have their star player out for a certain game. Back home must have mighty poor transportation or you could certainly get back there easily enough because as uncivilized as it is here there are airplanes, busses and trains leaving every day.

Why don’t you wake up to yourselves. We didn’t ask you to come here. If back home is so much better why don’t you stay there. However, if you insist on coming here why not take the taller with the lean and support everything instead of incessantly comparing it with back home. What does the comparison gain you anyway?

You are stepping clear out of class when you compare the New Mexico team with one of the top teams in the nation. Why not compare it with teams of its own rank. Then you can tell how good it is. Another thing about your comparison. You go on to say how even the high school team back home could beat the Lobos. If there is that comparison why don’t you compare your high school team with the same universities that you put up against the Lobos? I gather that since your high school team could beat the Lobos and that since the universities back home are so much better than the Lobos the high school back home should play the university back home