Printed January 6, 1912

Items of Local Interest

J.W. Miller was seen in the halls on Friday morning.

E.S. Seder did not attend classes during the fore part of this week.

Several visitors came up Thursday afternoon to view the campus and the buildings.

A large number of students have been afflicted with colds during the past week.

Professor W.I. Moore made a trip to southwest Texas on business during the vacation.

Rev. J. M. Shimer, of Santa Fe, was in the city during holiday week and attended the Fabbrini concert.

Doctor and Mrs. E. McQueen Gray spent a week at Needles, California for the benefit of Mrs. Gray’s health.

It is reported that a certain Kwatakan, a pledge member for some of the Chi Iota “fraternity,” was initiated into full membership during the holidays.

A.R. Seder, ’11, spent Christmas week in Albuquerque renewing Varsity acquaintances, arriving in time to attend the Michigan musical club’s smoker given by his fraternity brothers.

Heard in the hall Thursday:

“Come on to assembly.”

“No, thank you, I don’t dance.”

Manager Charles M. Weber spent the vacation at Winslow and the Grand Canyon, making a flying trip in and out of Albuquerque in order to take part in the operatic section of the Fabbrini Concert on December 27th.

Professor Clark, head of the department of Chemistry during the past week received a letter from the authorities at the University of California appointing him to the position of head of the department of matriculation chemistry for the summer session of U.C., 1912.

Professor H.H. Conwell last evening was host to several of his friends, entertaining them at the Tri Alpha fraternity house. The affair was a stag luncheon and was reported most successful. Those present were Dean M. F. Angell, Coach Hutchinson, Professor G. R. Roberts.

We see in an exchange that the faculty of Holyoke College has banished pie and apple dumplings from the tables, believing them the cause of inattention in Greek classes. We sincerely hope that the same course will not be pursued at U.N.M. What is school without a pie-counter?