Two-Day Holiday Called at UNM by President Wernette On Acceptance of Postdam Peace Terms by Japanese

Printed August 17, 1945

With the glorious news of acceptance of the peace terms laid down by the Potsdam Conference and the confirmation of the report by Washington as well as by other great capitals throughout the world, the University of New Mexico’s student body went wild to match the times. Not caught unprepared, the Navy proved it had a human side, and sailor walked arm in arm with solder through the streets of Albuquerque to declare a temporary armistice to an age old rivalry.

All planed university functions were cancelled and a two-day holiday was called by President Wernette. For the Naval Trainees aboard, liberty was granted till 2300 on Tuesday, and till 2145 on Wednesday and Thursday. Some spent the days in silent meditation, thankful that this four-year struggle, in which these United States have been engaged, had at last ceased, but the greater part of the student body decided it was an occasion for celebrations ranging from riotous parties to picnics in the Sandias.

Although recognition by these various means of the conclusion of the war was mostly spontaneous, plans have already been made for the celebration of V-J Day. Starting at 9 o’clock on the evening following the proclamation of that day by President Truman, the Chi O’s will begin a snake-dance at their house, and after touring the rounds of all the other sorority houses as well as all dormitories will head for the sand lot just south of the tennis courts. From there on it’s just a guess as to what plans have been made, but a bon-fire has been assured by Art Charette and Dubby Koch, who will try to keep the celebration in hand.

Though no official announcement had come from the office of Mayor Tingley at the time we went to press as to what plans the city had made for a parade downtown, Commander T.S. Daniel, in charge of the Naval R.O.T.C and the V-12 units here at U.N.M. has said that the Navy will be glad to participate in any official observance of the occasion by the city.

Sunday, the 19th, there will be held a vesper service in the main room of the Student Union Building, to which all on campus are invited. It will be held at 2:30 in the afternoon, and as announced by “Doc” Rosa, he will deliver a short address which will be of great interest to us all in this very unsettled but joyous period of American history.

Also to be on hand, the Men’s Glee Club, led by Craig Summers, will sing several numbers which have been arranged especially for the occasion.

This Vesper Service will be but one of many conducted throughout the United States in response to President Truman’s request that Sunday be a nationwide day of prayer.