To Joseph Cotto, author of the Ferguson piece: Aside from the rest of the column, here are some sources that you forgot/avoided:

“Police fire tear gas, which is considered a chemical weapon in war.”


“Journalists are being arrested for no reason, violating the first amendment for freedom of the press.”


“A Ferguson police officer threatened to kill a protester for no reason.”


“Initial response by police was armored trucks, sniper rifles, riot gear, semi-automatic weapons, tear gas, and rubber bullets. Only armored trucks and tear gas remain.”


“Iraq war veteran gives testimonial that police are outfitted for war, not crowd control.”

thedailybeast.com/articles/2014/08/14/ferguson-s-cops-are-armed-like-i-was-in-iraq.html The next item is slightly related.

“Mentally ill man steals two sodas and tells police to shoot him.”


If you think this is not about race, you are blind. As the first piece in the Daily Lobo about this volatile issue, you should have done a better job at getting correct information. I put this list together to give the student body a clear, factual picture of what’s happening in Ferguson, Missouri.

Michael Brown, no matter what crime he committed, was unarmed. He didn’t assault the police officer because the bullet wound in his head entered from the top and through his neck. He had to have been on the ground. He was shot at least six times.

Darren Wilson, the cop who shot him, had no knowledge of the possible crime.

Following the shooting, some residents of the town started peacefully protesting, while others looted stores. Police responded by arriving with riot gear and armored trucks, and tear gassed the entire town, including children, the disabled and the elderly. If not racism, then this is at least police brutality. My advice for you? Do some research before writing an article.

William Levine

UNM student

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