Why don’t we just say aloud the big reason why we started air strikes against ISIS in Iraq? It was to save the Christians. No, not the Yazidis; our media was likely obeying government warnings to downplay the fact that it was the Iraqi Christians our increasingly Christofascist nation was really concerned about.

Even the numbers suggest it is not the Yazidis, but the Iraqi Christians seeking refuge in Northern Iraq. Stranded Christians are the largest religious minority.

But our media keeps saying Yazidi this, Yazidi that, like the Christians to be saved are just an afterthought.

So why don’t we publicly declare it? Because to do so it would say that this is a religious war of Christians (and Jews) on Muslims, not the reverse.

Likewise, look how we covered up the overthrow of a democratically elected government in Egypt after we hailed their Arab Spring. Leaders of their party viciously attacked Christian churches. That was a big reason we continued our massive aid to their military, thus indirectly deposing that government.

So why did we not say this publicly?

We have been covering up this deeper motivation for many years now. When the Bosnian Muslims were warred on by Serbs, how come our media did not say it was really a religious war perpetrated by Christians? After all, the Serbs committing war crimes were Orthodox (read throwback fundamentalist) Christians, claiming to invade Bosnia to “free” Christians there. But not once did our media or government exclaim, “Those Christianist Serbs!”

For that matter, go further back to the genocide perpetrated by the Nazis who were explicit Christians in their own twisted minds. But nobody in the Christian-dominated West admits to that.

Go further back to the slaughter of Native Americans in what we now call our homeland. The “requirement” read to the uncomprehending natives was a convert-or-else ultimatum, just like ISIS is doing to Christians today.

Is America imitating the “Islamic State” (ISIS) in practice? Is America looking to establish a strictly anti-gay, anti-abortion Christian caliphate throughout the world?

Arun Anand Ahuja