Larceny at Johnson Field

On April 1, a male student reported a larceny at Johnson Field.

According to the report, the student left his backpack on the west side of the field during a physical education class.

The student said he realized his backpack was missing when he returned to it to get his water bottle. Officers arrived on scene and advised the student to cancel his credit cards, which were in the backpack. There were no reported witnesses to the theft and the case is closed pending further leads.

Criminal damage leads to fire alarm at Cornell Parking Structure

On April 1, two males around 17 to 20 years old were skateboarding inside Cornell parking structure.

According to the report, a witness said she saw the two males break off the sprinkler head to the fire sprinkler system on the third level. This caused the water inside the system to flow out of the broken head and the fire alarms to go off.

The witness said the two fled east out of the structure after the fire alarms went off. An attempt to locate was placed on both the subjects. The respondent of the alarm told the officer there would be little chance of video recording available of the incident, but it would still be looked into. No other information was obtained to continue further with this investigation.

Suspicious activity at Lands West

On April 3, two UNMPD officers were dispatched to Lands West parking lot in reference to an auto burglary in progress witnessed by a UNM hospital employee.

A male subject was seen walking south through the parking lot carrying objects, which were covered by a jacket. The officers told the suspect to show them his hands, which revealed a small folding knife the subject was carrying.

The officers gave commands while drawing a stun gun and a duty weapon. The subject dropped the knife and walked backwards towards the officer with his hands on his head.

The subject was then placed in handcuffs and photographs were taken of the scene. A belt tape recording and photographs were placed into evidence.

According to Lt. Tim Stump, UNMPD’s public information officer, police do not believe the subject is connected with the previous Lands West auto burglaries.

Armed robbery at Casa del Rio

On April 3, a student reported that he was robbed at gunpoint outside of Casas del Rio.

According to the report, the student and his girlfriend were heading northbound on Redondo East. A vehicle was following the couple, passed them and stopped in front of them.

According to the report, the driver exited the vehicle and pointed a black handgun at the student and said “give me fucking everything.”

The student handed over his wallet and cell phone and the offender told them to run while he got into his vehicle and drove northbound making a left-hand turn at Las Lomas.

A LoboAlerts was sent out at 3:11 a.m. The suspect was described as a six-foot tall black male wearing baggy pants, ball cap and no shirt.

UNMPD Lt. Tim Stump said UNMPD has strong leads into the suspect, but could not give further information.

Larceny at Casas del Rio

On April 4, a resident advisor reported a potential larceny at the Casa del Rio dorms between 10:45 and 11:40 a.m.

According to the report, the RA said he realized someone had stolen his backpack, which included keys, a water bottle and a pair of sunglasses, from the gym.

The victim reviewed the surveillance footage and recognized the subject from community functions at the dorms.

UNMPD escorted the RA back to his dorm room, where he provided a printout of the subject walking out of the gym with his backpack. The officers proceeded to the subject’s dorm room and knocked on the door, but nobody answered.

After multiple announcements, the officers entered the room as well as the adjoining dorm room. A backpack matching the description of the stolen backpack was found and was returned to the victim.

A summons for the listed charges will be submitted to the suspect.

Suspicious subject arrested for warrant

On April 4, UNMPD officers were dispatched to the north side of La Posada in reference to a suspicious subject looking into vehicles’ windows.

The officers made contact with the subject, who stated he saw a blue tarp in the rear seat of the vehicle and wondered if someone was possibly under the tarp and in need of help.

The officers conducted a national crime information center check, which revealed an outstanding misdemeanor warrant for aggravated assault.

The subject was transported to prisoner transport and booked.

Harassment over Facebook

On April 6, a student reported possible harassment to UNMPD.

According to the report, the student said the subject had been sending her multiple friend requests on her Facebook page.

The student has not responded to the requests even though some of the requests describe her whereabouts.

The student said she does not know the subject, but filed a police report just in case future problems arise.

The case is closed pending further leads due to vague information.