Harassment from a UNM student

On April 15, an officer was sent to 400 Cornell Drive NE regarding multiple incidents of harassment. According to the report, a UNM advisor said she approached a female subject in the bathroom because she had suspicions that the female subject was upset. The female subject said she was dealing with harassment from a male subject who she said worked at the University of New Mexico’s School of Engineering. The female subject said the male subject had made several threatening statements towards her like “I will get you kicked out of school and kill you.” The female subject also reported the male subject has the ability to activate her University account and terrorize her through social media. On April 16, the officer called the male subject who was verbally aggressive and accused the female subject of lying. The male subject also said he had emails from the female subject and would bring those in to show his innocence. The officer advised both parties to not make any further contact with each other.

Suspicious person at Zimmerman Library

On April 27, an officer was dispatched to Zimmerman Library in reference to a suspicious black male described as having long dreadlocks with a red baseball cap. According to the report, a student supervisor said he learned from a female student the black male had a knife in a sheath along his right leg. The female student also reported seeing the male write what appeared to be gang signs and pictures on a large chalk board as well as watching porn on the computers. The officer approached the subject who was verbally confrontational but finally calmed down and gave his identification information to the officer. After a check for warrant, which came back clean, the officer asked the male subject to leave campus. He was escorted off campus without incident or injuries.

Altercation following potential car accident

On April 23, a male student was walking west on the crosswalk at 900 Yale Blvd. when a vehicle going north almost hit him. According to the report, the student had to jump out of the vehicle’s path when he struck the mirror of the vehicle. The driver stopped the vehicle, jumped out and began yelling at the student. The offender then began pushing the student and threatening him with a knife in which he stated he would cut him if he touched his car again. The offender then drove off and the UNM’s Police Department put out an attempt to locate but was met with no results. There were no witnesses to the altercation and there was no further information at the time of the report.

Male subject booked after being banned from campus

On April 22, a male subject was found sleeping outside of Zimmerman Library. According to the report, the subject was known to have a ban letter stating he was banned from campus because he entered an unsecured building at night as well as masturbating while using UNM’s computers to access pornographic websites. The male subject knew he had a ban letter and was booked into Metropolitan Detention Center without incident or injury.

Abandoned drugs found in dumpster

On April 19, a UNMPD officer was back-tracking a burglary suspect who fled down an alleyway. According to the report, the officer was looking for evidence when he found a small-scale grow operation of mushrooms in a blue dumpster behind a building. There were two plastic containers, one with an engraving of “Shroomz” on the lid and the other had a piece of tape across it with “Inoculated November 26.” The officer is familiar with the production of psilocybin mushrooms. Inside the container there was multiple glass canning jars of various sizes filled with growth media and fungus. The officer found no indication of where or who the jars belonged to or came from. The seized abandon property was entered into evidence for destruction. There was no further information at the time of the report.