A group of 64 out-of-town visitors left the UNM Soccer Complex with their six passenger vans burglarized, according to a UNM Police Department report.

The report stated every piece of luggage in the six vehicles was stolen. The stolen items included wallets, identification cards, cell phones, iPads, luggage and airline tickets. The police reports were completed and acquired by the Daily Lobo on Monday.

Lt. Tim Stump, UNMPD’s public information officer, said Monday seven of the bags were found in a trash can near the stadium and all of burglaries are believed to be connected.

Most of the victims were visiting student athletes but the coaches were targeted as well, he said.

According to the report, two of the vans had the passenger side window broken and the others had the passenger side door lock punched out with a tool.

“It seems lately a lot of locks have been punched out. Maybe it’s a new trend or maybe it’s been going on for awhile and it’s hitting UNM,” Stump said.

There were no fingerprints left on any of the vehicles. According to the report, it appeared as if the suspect or suspects were wearing gloves by the imprints left on the vehicles.

Stump said it looked as if the suspect or suspects had burglarized vehicles in the past but would not speculate further about the possibility of professionals. Also, it is unknown if there were multiple suspects.

“It is unusual. I think someone found an opportunity. There were a lot of victims under that one incident. That is unusual,” Stump said.

There were no UNM police officers stationed at the event, he said. However, for more popular events such as football and basketball there are several police officers working the event.

“I hope with events like this people will just be more aware. There’s not a lot someone could do if there is nobody watching the van. The only thing people can do is be more vigilant,” Stump said.

The Athletics Department and UNMPD are working to strengthen communication between the departments in order for officers to be more visible during events, he said.

There are no suspects at this time and the case is closed pending further leads.

Lauren Marvin is a culture editor for the Daily Lobo. She can be reached at culture@dailylobo.com or on Twitter @LaurenMarvin.