It’s that time of year where romance is in the air, boxes of chocolates are sold, freshly picked roses are handed out and restaurant reservations are made.

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and thinking about the perfect outfit can be time-consuming while preparing for other Valentine’s Day activities. Here are a few suggestions on what to wear for the occasion.

Going Out

Date night with restaurant reservations? Anything off the shoulder will do.

The visibility of shoulders adds that romantic vibe to any outfit. Try pairing an off-the-shoulder sweater dress with some knee-high boots. The sweater material of the dress ensures warmth for the cold weather that is sure to come around this year.

Open shoulders and legs also ensures breathing room for warmer temperatures, should they occur. The knee-high boots add chic and fashion-forward vibes to the outfit, and provides extra height if wearing a pair with heels.

Keeping it Casual

If you’re just going with the flow of the day and seeing what happens, dress in layers. You don’t know what could happen that day, so you want to be prepared.

Try pairing jeans with a T-shirt or tank top, matching leather jacket and boots and a cute little cross body bag. The leather and jeans balance out each other to give off that laid-back, yet sophisticated vibe that works for any situation. In this outfit, you could be going to a restaurant, attending a sporting event, watching a movie or hitting the club.

Netflix and Chill?

Staying in? You can wear pretty much anything for staying in. Remember to keep it comfy and casual. For example, try pairing some leggings or sweatpants with a T-shirt. The looseness and stretchiness from sweatpants or leggings allows for maximum comfort when lying down and watching a movie. A T-shirt is relaxed and casual, perfect for staying in.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day outfit ideas, wearing something that is going to make you feel confident and loving is all that matters. Valentine’s Day isn’t just a day to spend with your partner, it’s also a day to promote self-love and love for family and friends.

No matter what outfit you wear, make sure the outfit you choose is going to make you feel comfortable to share that love and confidence with everyone.

Courtney Salinger is the fashion columnist for the Daily Lobo. She can be reached at or on Twitter