Plan to attend the next UNM sports matchup? Finding the cutest and cheapest Lobo spirit wear can be challenging at times.

DIY projects can be cheaper and provide more of an artistic approach to finding an outfit. Here are some DIY suggestions that will help add creative and personal flourishes to any outfit.

Hit up a crafts store

Stores like Michael’s and Hobby Lobby have everything from glitter glue to sequins to patches and beyond. Try picking up a blank T-shirt, fabric paint and some ribbon.

Most of the shirts require that you wash them first before you work on them. Next, write a cute phrase or name on the shirt with fabric paint.

Finally, take some scissors and cut up the back of the shirt or the sleeves, and sew on the ribbon to add some edginess and creative vibes. You can use the ribbon as fringe or as a way to tie the whole shirt together.

Be true to your school

Walk over to the bookstore. Buy your desired shirt and incorporate some patches on the back of it to add that personalized touch.

For example, take some iron-on patches that spell out a special someone and stick them on the back of the shirt. That way, people will know who you’re cheering for and who your favorite player is.

Shop around a fabric store

Buy different pieces of fabric and sew them together to make a unique clothing piece.

First, measure yourself with measuring tape to achieve a desired size. Next, buy a silver-colored piece of fabric and a red piece of fabric. Then, cut up the fabric to make a two toned shirt — one side silver, one side red.

This way, you can change your shirt to match the color of home or away jerseys. Make sure you buy enough yards of fabric to achieve the desired look.

DIY outfits can be both easy and time-consuming, depending on how much work you want to put into them. Creating a work of art takes great imagination and planning. Remember to have fun with it and let the creative process flow.

Courtney Salinger is the fashion columnist for the Daily Lobo. She can be reached at culture or on Twitter