New Mexico has the highest unemployment rate. What are your thoughts on that as a student preparing to enter the workforce?

Karen Melo, sophomore, Brazilian literature

“I came from Brazil, which is ranked with high unemployment, too. So I’m just living; I’m not really thinking about unemployment right now.”

Jazmine Abril, freshman, biology

“I didn’t really come to New Mexico for working after college. I came to get my education and then go back home. Even before New Mexico was ranked highest in unemployment, they didn’t have such a great history of having jobs for college students. I’m not really surprised, but I think it’s unfortunate for the people living in New Mexico.”

Alex Booher, junior, IFDM

“I feel lucky to be a student, I feel like that helps me being here. I’m lucky to have the opportunity to come here and get the experience to get ready to go into the workforce. In my free time I’m trying to learn how to improve my skills outside of the classroom, because right now I’m in film and those jobs can be sparse.”

Alex Dineen, junior, IFDM

“It can be pretty daunting, because I’m in film. What’s nice about New Mexico is that there are some film jobs, so it could be a little bit easier (to find a job). The connections could be there, but at the same time it’s very uncertain. I’m hoping for the best.”

Celia Raney is a news reporter at the Daily Lobo. She can be reached at or on Twitter @Celia_Raney.