As an institutional member of the American College Health Association, Student Health & Counseling is an on-campus service for UNM students that provides health and counseling services to all students.

SHAC provides cost effective, easily accessible care for the majority of medical issues. A SHAC doctor, physician assistant or nurse practitioner is always available to all UNM and Health Sciences Center students, 24 hours a day for a telephone consultation.

“SHAC is an innovative leader in college health among peer universities in providing comprehensive, high-quality services that are guided by those served,” said SHAC Executive Director James Wilterding.

Wilterding said SHAC embraces UNM’s overall mission to “provide students with the values, habits of mind, knowledge and skills that they need to be enlightened citizens, to contribute to the state and national economies, and to lead satisfying lives,” while working to enhance that mission by taking a collaborative role in the campus community.

Some of the unique services SHAC offers include: the availability of mental health and medical professionals who are trained in health-related issues in college and a comprehensive infection control program.

“In response to student input and patient needs, SHAC currently offers a number of specialty and related services, including: clinics in sports medicine, women’s health, international travel health, physical therapy, acupuncture, massage, an in-house pharmacy and on-site radiology,” Wilterding said. “SHAC has a Health Education Program that addresses issues of concern such as sexual health, mental health, nutrition, exercise, weight management and substance use.”

Staffed by professionals oriented towards young adult health, SHAC provides “a non-judgmental, welcoming and professional encounter when seeking care from a SHAC provider,” he said.

Students over the age of 18 can seek care with the assurance that it will not be disclosed to any third party without written consent of the student seeking care.

The services used most commonly by freshmen include visits to a doctor, physician assistant or nurse practitioner for urgent care, ongoing primary care and/or visits for sexual or reproductive health.

SHAC also operates the Condom-Mint wellness program, distributing baskets of free condoms and mints around campus to promote safe-sex practices.

“Freshmen are encouraged to visit SHAC for both information and care,” Wilterding said. “Freshmen find SHAC’s free STI testing to be a great service — appointments are made online by visiting the SHAC website. All services are confidential.”

SHAC also provides in-person, over-the-phone, individual and group counseling services and workshops focused on “the needs and issues of those in their first year at the University,” he said.

Students can also receive immunizations at the SHAC, as the center recommends that all freshmen have certain immunizations upon beginning their first year at UNM.

To learn more about recommended immunizations, clinic hours and phone numbers, visit:

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