Summer’s just begun, and family-owned Olo Yogurt Studio on Nob Hill is keeping it cool with their frozen yogurt creations. Shop owner Paula Pope said she was inspired to make a froyo business while in California.

“While getting my master’s degree in public health from (California) State, Long Beach, the self-serve froyo concept was booming,” she said. “I loved that it was a healthy treat, and the ability to create your own treat allowed for portion control. Plus it was super affordable, especially for a cash-strapped college student.”

When it was time for the UNM alum to think of a place to put her yogurt business, Pope said she thought about Albuquerque.

“There were no self-serve froyo shops in Albuquerque when we started exploring the idea of opening Olo,” Pope said. “We felt Albuquerque was a prime location for this concept.”

A trip to the store would reveal its fair share of New-Mexico-themed treats, too; flavors like Silver City Strawberry, White Sands Vanilla and Carlsbad Chocolate. The show was also featured on the New-Mexico-based show, “Breaking Bad.”

“I’m really proud of being from New Mexico, so it was important to me to add as much NM flair to our shop (as) possible,” Pope said.

Olo is also very interested in getting involved with customers’ experiences, she said.

Customers can also get directly involved with Olo by submitting photos for display at the store and voting on what flavors the shop carries.

“We hope to provide a unique experience that resonates with our customers,” she said. “Anyone can have a generic experience at a franchise where you’ll never meet the people making decisions for the business.”

“Nob Hill is a really special community to be a part of, especially as a local business,” Pope said. “Everyone works together to support one another and tries to help each other out. We do our best to be involved in the community and a lot of people choose to shop small.”

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Ariel Lutnesky is a freelance reporter for the Daily Lobo. She can be reached at or on Twitter @ArielLutnesky.