Battery on a healthcare worker at UNMH

On the afternoon of June 17, a police officer was dispatched to the UNMH ER Mental Health Isolation Unit, regarding a patient intentionally smearing blood on a nurse. Upon arrival, the nurse involved in the incident told the officer a patient was placed in this unit after an ambulance brought him to the hospital for a suicide attempt. The officer saw the patient was restrained to a hospital bed, calm and sedated.

The nurse said the patient was initially non-cooperative, as he pulled off his hospital gown and pulse oximeter. He later calmed down and agreed to be placed on the oximeter again; while the nurse was doing so, she said he smeared blood from his open wound onto the left side of her face. The nurse said she washed the blood off immediately and notified her supervisor before calling police.

The report will be sent to the District Attorney’s Office for review.

Criminal damage at NROTC

A UNM graduate and naval officer discovered the result of mischief and/or a political statement that occurred between June 21 at 5 p.m. and June 22 at 7:20 a.m. A U.S. flag was hoisted upside down on one of the NROTC halyards. The flag was tattered and dirty, while the halyard was knotted, tangled and wrapped around the flagpole.

Although the doormat was rolled up, there was no evidence of a breach or attempted breach into the building. There is no permanent damage to the pole or halyard. There are no suspicious persons or evidence at this time.

Simple battery at UNM Psychiatric Center

On June 24, a UNMPD officer was sent to the UNM Psychiatric Center in reference to a simple battery. When the officer arrived, a female employee said a co-worker grabbed her clothed buttocks and then her wrist on June 19. She said she pushed him away and was “ashamed, horrified and felt violated by this.”

She said he returned later that day, returned to work, looking for his earphones. After she told him she did not know where they were, he poured water on her and said, “Too bad you spilled on yourself.” She provided the officer with a typed statement.

The officer called the male involved in the situation on June 24, advising him of the situation and asking if he would like to give a statement. The male came to UNMPD the following day with a detailed statement. He said he never touched the female inappropriately and that they had been friends for the past three years. The male said they have had many conversations — some inappropriate — and their relationship involved horseplay.

Items found at Encino Place NE

On June 23, a police officer was sent to Encino Place NE in reference to a found item. Upon arrival, a pharmacist told the officer that a man handed her a red pill bottle earlier that day, stating he found it in the parking lot. The pharmacist then called UNMPD, because the bottle appeared to have narcotics in it.

The officer took custody of the bottle and opened it, discovering 701 U.S. dollars and a jeweler’s bag of what appeared to be rocks of methamphetamine. A test kit gave a positive result for methamphetamine.The currency and drugs were tagged into evidence.

Possession of marijuana at Lobo Village Clubhouse

On July 1, an officer came into contact with a male who appeared intoxicated inside the Lobo Village Clubhouse. The officer attempted to wake him up, but he became upset when the officer said he needed to be taken to medical personnel for a well-being check.

The male tried to stand up and run away, but he was so intoxicated that he ran into the bay window, thinking it was an exit. He ran into the clubhouse movie room and refused to come outside. UNMPD advised him they would find him a ride home rather than take him to medical personnel—he agreed and came out of the room to join the officers.

The officers told the male to sit on the curb. As he was looking through his pockets for his ID and cell phone, a bag of a green leafy substance fell out of his pocket. He quickly put it back in his pocket, but the officer asked him to give it to him. The male complied. The officer recognized the substance as marijuana and tagged it for evidence. The drugs weighed .64 ounces.

The male was moved into a chair, where he passed out and became unresponsive. An ambulance was called, and he was transported to UNMH. The officer’s digital recorder malfunctioned and did not record the incident. However, a security guard on scene observed the marijuana fall out of the male’s pocket. Court summons will be issued.

Elizabeth Sanchez is the Editor-in-Chief at the Daily Lobo. She can be reached at or on Twitter