Battery on a healthcare worker at UNM Psychiatric Center

On Aug. 2, two officers were sent to the UNM Psychiatric Center in reference to a battery, according to a UNMPD report. Upon arrival, one officer spoke with a female in the meeting room who said she and another patient were in an altercation concerning community phone use.

She said the other patient had already used the phone for 15 minutes before she spoke on the phone. The female said the other patient asked her to hang up the phone after she had only spoken for 10 minutes. Then, the other patient hung up the phone while the female was still using it. Out of anger, the female said she went after the other patient.

The female said she has anger issues herself, but when the staff became involved, they did not use their skills to calm her down. Two staff members tried to separate the patients. She said one of the staff members used his elbows on her neck, causing pain.

While the staff members were taking the female to the seclusion room, she continued to try to hit and kick them. Once inside, one of the staff members asked her to move away from the door — she refused and slapped him with her right arm, hitting him in the left ear. The other staff member said the patient scratched his abdomen.

Rescue was not called for the female’s complaint, because she was at a medical facility. The case will be sent to the District Attorney’s office.

Battery on a healthcare worker at UNM Mental Health Center

On the morning of Aug. 3 an officer on patrol was dispatched to the UNM Mental Health Center in reference to a battery on a healthcare technician, according to a police report. When the officer arrived, a security officer said a patient spat on a healthcare technician. The technician wrote a statement, indicating a patient spat on him during a crisis call.

The technician restrained a patient when a charge nurse told him to do so. In order to do so, the technician grabbed the patient’s wrist. The patient spat on the right side of his face. The technician wishes to press charges. The case will be forwarded to the District Attorney’s office for review.

Criminal trespass notice, disorderly conduct and restraining/obstructing an officer at Johnson Field

On the afternoon of Aug. 8, two officers were dispatched to Johnson Field in reference to a male causing a disturbance, according to a report. The call reported that the male was disturbing approximately 30 individuals playing frisbee soccer by yelling and threatening them with a belt.

When officers arrived, they observed the male sitting in the middle of the area the individuals were playing. As the officers approached, one of the officers believed the male was intoxicated, as the male said he did not have to leave, this was his land.

When the officers began walking the male to the police vehicle to obtain a Criminal Trespass Notice, he began yelling and threatening whoever called the police. He refused to stop; when told to stop, he continued to walk away. The other officer placed the male on the ground using a physical maneuver. The male became compliant, and the first officer issued him a Criminal Trespass Notice, telling him to walk off campus, southbound toward Central Ave.

The male began yelling profanities at the officer, threatening to injure him and kill his family. The male stopped in the parking lot, just north of Central Ave., crossing his arms and looking as though he was about to fight. He told the officer to “come and make me leave.” The first officer asked him to leave and waited at a safe distance for about five minutes for him to leave. The male continued to yell obscenities.

The first officer told the second he was going to arrest the male. The officer placed the male under arrest, and he was transported to the Metropolitan Detention Center without incident or injury.

Compiled by Elizabeth Sanchez