Disorderly conduct, assault on a police officer and battery on Lomas Blvd.

On Aug. 4, a UNMPD officer heard a UNM security officer calling for help over dispatch, according to a report. Although the transmission was cut off, the UNMPD officer heard the location, 2000 Las Lomas Blvd. NE, and left to assist him. Upon arrival, the UNMPD officer saw a male leaving the area; the security officer said the male leaving tried to fight him and struck him with multiple rocks.

The security officer said he was on duty patrolling campus when he noticed an individual sleeping on the sidewalk. When the officer woke him up, the male stood up, taking an aggressive stance and hitting the officer’s upper body with rocks.The officer blocked the rocks with his arm. The male threw rocks at bystanders as well.

When the police officer tried to apprehend the male, he began cursing and tried to spit in the officer’s face. The UNMPD officer jumped back and told the male to get on the ground. Instead, the male stood as though he were going to fight, the report said. The UNMPD officer pulled out a Taser, pointed it toward the male and ordered him to get on the ground. The male complied, and the UNMPD officer handcuffed him. Throughout the arrest, the male cursed and spat at the UNMPD officer.

After other officers arrived, they helped secure the male in a patrol car for transportation to the UNMPD station and then to jail. While in the backseat of the car, the male defecated and smeared it on the seat.

Suicide threat on Lomas Blvd.

On the morning of Aug. 9, two officers were dispatched to 1800 Las Lomas Blvd. NE in reference to a male stating he would shoot himself in the head if he did not speak with anyone, according to a report. When one of the officers spoke with the male, he said he did not mean it, because he said it out of frustration and would not actually harm himself.

When one of the officers asked him if he was feeling suicidal, owned any weapons or wanted to be seen by hospital personnel, the male said, “No,” to all three. The officer obtained a written statement from the male with details on on how he was feeling on that date. The incident was filed as an information report.

Warrant arrest at Lomas Blvd. and Vassar Dr.

On the evening of Aug. 10, an officer observed a male riding a bike down the middle of the road while carrying another bicycle, according to a police report. The officer stopped the male, who said he was borrowing a friend’s bike but could not provide any information.

Based on recent bike thefts, the officer ran the bikes through the National Crime Information Center. The male stated he may also have a warrant; his name was also run through NCIC. The bikes were not on file, but the male did have a misdemeanor warrant. The male was booked on the Police Tracking Computer without incident. The bikes were tagged at UNMPD for safekeeping.

Possession of Drug Paraphernalia at Roma Ave.

On Aug. 15, an officer was sent to the area of the president’s house at 1901 Roma Ave. in reference to narcotics, according to a UNMPD report. The caller told dispatch a gray Jeep was parked near the UNM president’s house with the odor of marijuana coming from it.

Upon arrival, the officer approached the only gray Jeep nearby, noticed smoke coming from the backseat and could smell burnt marijuana. The driver, a UNM student, provided a driver’s license. The officer explained why they were called to the location and that the area smelled of marijuana.

The passenger in the backseat said he was smoking and gave the officer his orange glass bong. The officer tested the driver to ensure she was not under the influence of narcotics and could drive her vehicle safely. She passed the eye nystagmus test and said she did not smoke marijuana.

The officer told the two the bong would be taken into evidence and marked for destruction. Both subjects were released. There is no further information on this case.

Compiled by Elizabeth Sanchez.