Queens of the Stone Age were forged out of the eastern California desert sands almost two decades ago, and have been consistent in whipping up dust devils around rock-enthusiasts heads since the group's beginning. 

Guitarist/lead vocalist Josh Homme has spearheaded the band through various ups, downs, and line-up changes and despite the struggles, which includes almost dying in 2013, the man himself has given us the Queen's latest record, Villains, released last month on August 28th. 

The band's current line-up, oddly the most consistent yet even for just 3 years, is as follows:

- Josh Homme (Vocals/Guitar)

- Troy van Leeuwen (Guitar/Vocals)

- Dean Fertita (Keys/Guitar)

- Michael Shuman (Bass)

- Jon Theodore (Drums)

Villains marks a vast change in sound from the group. The cynical desert rock licks have turned into vacuum-sealed, overproduced hyper-riffs tinkered by the hands of Mark Ronson, the same producer who gave us Amy Winehouse's Back to Black as well as the worldwide hit single: "Uptown Funk." If nothing else, Villains is worth being compared to Queens' earlier albums such as the visceral Rated R, the controversial Era Vulgaris, and, perhaps one of the best rock albums of all time: Songs for the Deaf, released in 2003. 

Kyle and I did just that, meeting up at the garage and talking about all eight Queens of the Stone Ages albums; from their humble beginnings on the tail end of Kyuss' disbandment to where they are now: a force of nature in mainstream rock culture. 

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