When I met my stepmom eight years ago, she had just moved to New Mexico from China. When I asked how different China was from New Mexico, she said one of the most striking differences is the clean air we have here. This was one of the first times I wanted to research how people could have such disregard for their environment. Now I’m a student at UNM studying economics and sustainability studies.

With the latest news of the EPA proposing to repeal the Clean Power Plan, it reminded me of that conversation with my stepmom. The purpose of the CPP is to reduce carbon emissions by moving away from coal power and transitioning to cleaner energy sources.The main reason why China’s air quality got to the point it did was the lack of regulation on their energy sources, most notably coal power. I fail to see how anyone could see a repeal on the CPP as a step forward for our nation or for the Earth.

We only have one planet! A repeal on the CPP is fundamentally opposed to the original intent of the EPA. The EPA needs to reconsider this decision and put our environment first.

Harper Gamble