Presentations, desserts and study abroad orientations were some of the events that took place during International Education Week last week at the University of New Mexico.

Organized by the Global Education Office, the week aimed to teach students about other cultures and encourage them to study abroad and improve their professional skills.

“We want to celebrate our international students that are here, and we want to help American students to go abroad and diversify their culture and language skills,” said Annette Mares-Duran, a Global Education Office advisor.

During the week, a fair gave students the chance to learn about the different exchange programs and scholarships UNM offers. Students shared their aspirations for the future, while different departments helped them find a program that fit their goals.

“I’m thinking (of) taking one semester in Italy. It seems there are some good programs,” said Eric White, an undergraduate student at UNM.

International students showcased posters with information on their countries during the week. A dessert competition also allowed students to share and win prizes for their dish.

“We really want people to share their culture (with) our students, so they can feel they have the chance to study abroad,” Mares-Duran said.

The week also included a free film screening in Centennial and Zimmerman Libraries, an international menu at La Posada and virtual reality tours.

“It is fun and interesting knowing about all these cultures in the world, that way I can know more people and know about their cultures,” said Andrea Valenzuela, who is receiving her master’s degree at UNM.

At the end of the week, international, exchange and UNM students participated in a dance party at Bandido’s Hideout on Central Ave. and shared their study abroad experiences while hearing music from all over the world and learning to dance to it.

International Education Week allowed students to learn about international education programs, departments and opportunities to travel and experience another culture while studying and gaining skills for their future professions.

Gerardo Archundia S. is a multimedia reporter for the Daily Lobo. He can be contacted at or on Twitter @GerasMJ.