I would be ashamed to watch a football game. I would be ashamed as hell to enjoy watching men brutally injure each other’s knees, shoulders, elbows, necks, brains...Many former football players suffer from concussions. They suffer depression, Alzheimer’s, severe headaches, alcoholism, other drug addiction, dementia, suicide, violence toward family and friends...The donated brains of 110 out of 111 dead former NFL players suffered serious brain disease. Is encouraging boys and men to play football less harmful than addicting them to cigarettes, booze or cocaine?

I compliment African American and other football players who conscientiously refuse to stand for the national anthem. I compliment them for protesting massive racial injustice. I compliment them for publicly opposing Trump who was endorsed by the Ku Klux Klan and many white supremacists. Sadly, football fans cheer players injuring each other, but many fans damn those players demonstrating freedom of speech!

HELL NO to football and all violent sports! YES to healthy bodies and daily vigorous exercise! YES to conscience and and freedom of speech! YES to affectionate body pleasure and romance men with men!

Don Schrader