If we lived in North Korea and we heard the U.S. president with thousands of nuclear bombs at his command threaten to mass murder our nation of 25 million women, men and children when he spoke before the whole world at the United Nations last month, how would we feel?

Talk about violent gangs and drug cartels! Talk about Hitler and Stalin! Talk about ISIS and international terrorism!

How many U.S. preachers, priests, rabbis and mainstream media have the conscience and the courage to publicly damn Trump’s insanely evil threats? How many in Congress have publicly damned Trump’s evil words? Instead, Congress, including, sadly, both New Mexico Sens. Heinrich and Udall, voted for $700 billion for the U.S. to rob, terrorize, cripple, blind, paralyze, make homeless and murder worldwide. Is this treating other people as they want to be treated?

Is Trump, who threatened to murder 25 million people and has thousands of nuclear bombs at his command, less dangerous than the deranged Las Vegas gunman who brutally shot hundreds of people? I hate guns. I have never owned a gun and never plan to. I have paid no federal income tax for 38 years. I refuse to pay for war and nuclear bombs.

Don Schrader