Mayor Tim Keller addressed the media Friday, on the opening day of Albuquerque Comic Con 2018, highlighting the importance the event held for city residents.

“It’s very fun, it’s for all ages and it basically unites things like pop culture and media with a personal learning experience,” Keller said.

Keller mentioned there were many stars who visited Albuquerque for the con, such as Danny Trejo and one of his personal favorites, Sin Quirin, who is a member of the industrial metal band Ministry.

“I’ve just been a fan of comic-con and the concepts,” Keller said. “I didn’t even know we were having it. But when I heard, I said, ‘I want to make it a point to take some time out and champion it a little bit.’”

The convention attracted many actors this year, including first-time attendee Joe Davison who starred in the popular Netflix series, “Stranger Things.” Davison said he attended, because he heard the Albuquerque Comic Con was amazing and large.

Davison gave a nod to his character from “Stranger Things” by saying, “It’s not my fault I left the door open, and the demi dogs got out. Or is it? I don’t know, that’s why I died in the elevator I guess.”

Alongside Davison, other actors from popular television series included Pruitt Taylor Vince of “The Walking Dead,” Samantha Smith of “Supernatural” and more.

Many of these guests spoke at multiple panels at the convention. The panels, which were open to the public, also included open video game tournaments and play.

Among the fandoms at the Albuquerque Comic Con, Star Wars took center stage, as actors Paul Blake and John Morton of Star Wars alongside Death Star creator Colin Cantwell helped to inspire a slew of impressive Star Wars cosplays.

These cosplays included detailed stormtroopers, many of which could have been cast as extras in the movie, and the ever-popular Rey, who first appeared in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

Despite the large force of Star Wars cosplayers, a variety of cosplayers from other fandoms held a candle as well, including a Nixon from “Futurama” (head in the jar and everything), Sans from “Undertale,” two fancily dressed Blues Brothers and a Ghostbuster.

Along with the cosplayers came the merchandise adorning the halls of the comic-con, which included a variety of clothing, prints and jewelry related not only to popular fandoms but also belonging to an array of artists and writers both new and returning.

One such writer marked her fourth year at the Albuquerque Comic Con. Author of the “Dream Walker Chronicles” Gail Wagner promoted her series, which she describes as paranormal with a historical twist. Wagner said she enjoys seeing the cosplayers that attended the convention and has cosplayed herself.

“I feel like Albuquerque has a really great sense of community with the comic-con here,” Wagner said. “Everybody’s friendly. It feels like family, so that’s why I keep on coming back.”

Wagner was not alone when it came to the feeling of community, as another vendor Megan Craig, a Albuquerque-based illustrator, said what she loves about Albuquerque is that the community is close.

“I’ve attended a lot of other cons where it’s been a little bit edgy,” she said. “You can feel some animosity between some groups of nerds, but every time I come to a Albuquerque or Santa Fe or Duke City that just started last year, the volunteers are great. And everybody here is just super excited to be here. This is the con that I love the most.”

Nichole Harwood is the Culture Editor at the Daily Lobo. She primarily covers alumni and art features. She can be contacted at or on Twitter @Nolidoli1.