I lived well all of 2017 on $5,528 for my total expenses — rent, food, etc. — for less than half the U.S. poverty level for me as a single person.

I enjoy living simply — less spoiled, less bills, less stress, more freedom. I refuse to be a slave to ads, commercials and corporations. How much worse the environment and climate chaos would be if all 7 billion people on Earth consumed, traveled, polluted and ate meat and dairy like most USA-ans.

Why hog much more than my fair share in our world family?

Freedom is not having and not wanting much I do not need. I enjoy having enough — one sunny room to live in, healthy food, warm clothes for cold weather, a garden for food and flowers.

My time is more precious than millions of dollars. My friendships are more precious than mansions full of expensive things. Why love much more than I need while many millions have have far less than they need?

Booze, junk food, cocaine, meth, sugar, heroin, sodas, cigarettes — all are terrible addictions, but no addiction is more harmful than craving much more money, much more stuff than we need!

Don Schrader