Skateboarding into Spring (1/18/18) 9 a.m.

the brown earth like wet hay collects like a lump

of bread like dough or a hovis or a barley loaf of

dirt and sand seated on a bench somewhere and people

gather for groundbreaking remedies standing around

in the cold morning ceremony signing a celebration —

a shovel to the soil even speaking like a pen with brown

ink spreads the toil with unspeakable glamor — an

unnatural smile at the new demeanor at this makeover!

a smile not square with smith plaza but round in a tropical

framed landscape — a homogenized home from home in

a southwest thinking or dreaming — a new backyard —

the answer to an architect’s dream or prayer whichever

floats your boat on campus in the cold morning air yet again

yet once again bold moves by the planners and dreamers

of what the campus should or ought to be in the lea of

humanities building or orthogonal in its centrifugal location

a space to be shared across from the library a shade of desert

and tan books of beauty and wisdom


A vision of future wisdom

And elan and shady nooks

Go with this plan a future

In tune wuth iran or turkey

Or españa/spain — to say

“I AM”

of culture and state a

place of erudition a

center to celebrate new

flora new walks in the

garden — not eden —

in the tropical den

of the skateboarders’ home

the haven of student haven

the leaven bread

the heads in the beds of

student life now not so

tropical as topical to be

transformed by these giant

spades to make a shady heaven

out of bricks and mortar

— it aughta work — give a perk

to our body of learners and

lovers of art put the horse

in front of the cart!!!

dw 1/18/18

David Wilde OP