Do most college graduates live more wisely than minimum wage workers who never went to high school? Do most college graduates travel less, pollute less, cause less climate chaos? Do most college graduates pay less federal income tax for war? Do most college graduates consume less and live more simply and fairly in our own world family of seven and a half billion people? Do most college graduates take strong public stands against U.S. greed and wars? Do most college graduates take jobs that help more than harm?

Gandhi said what worried him most was “the hardness of heart of the educated.”

Hundreds of highly educated scientists at Sandia and Los Alamos National Labs spend decades designing atomic weapons of mass murder!

As long as the main motive for many students to get a college degree is to get more money than anyone needs, big power and worldly prestige — higher education is no sure path to a better world of fairness and compassion for all people.

Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world...My life is my message.”

I was a college dropout, but in the university of life, I constantly collect wisdom on how to live and how not to live. I collect wisdom in order to live it everyday! See the interview with me at humansofnewmexico.com.

Don Schrader