I am a senior citizen, longtime auditing UNM student and now food-insecure person. Food insecurity is the current term for hunger in the U.S., and nearly 50 million of us are affected, which is shameful in this wealthiest and one of the highest-food-producing countries in the world.

I am by no means the only UNM student affected by food insecurity, although only a few of us my admit it. I want other food-insecure students to know they need not be embarrassed by their situation, for food injustice is a result of corporate greed and capitalism. We cannot solve the dire political situation overnight, but in the meantime, food pantries can help.

Roadrunner Food Bank and The Storehouse are two main food pantries in Albuquerque. UNM students also have access to free food giveaways about once a month during the regular school year. Go to UNM Newsroom online and search Lobo Food Pantry.

While any food may be better than no food, I encourage you to examine donated food carefully for expiration, notice of genetic modification (which may have possible serious health risks) and harmful additives and preservatives. Food injustice in the U.S. allows much of the food sold and consumed to be not fully healthy.

Be smart about what you eat, but DO eat!

Susan Andress-Bontrager