The University of New Mexico turned 129 years old Wednesday, and the Associated Students of UNM organization Lobo Spirit celebrated with the annual Lobo Day.

Lobo Day is an opportunity to meet new people and celebrate the University that brings all of us together, said Kaylie Huizenga, the executive director of ASUNM Lobo Spirit.

UNM hosts Lobo Day every year on Feb. 28 to bring students together for fun activities and a commemorative photograph.

UNM freshman Kaylee Maxon was one of the Lobo Day volunteers. Maxon works as the volunteer coordinator for ASUNM Lobo Spirit and hoped the event was an opportunity to further a sense of community at UNM, she said.

“It is UNM’s 129th birthday. Lobo Day celebrates all (that) UNM stands for, all of its diversity and opportunities that it brings,” Maxon said.

According to Adam Biederwolf, the assistant director of ASUNM Lobo Spirit group, Lobo Day is an excellent opportunity to celebrate the community UNM has brought together.

The past two years Lobo Day has featured art projects for students to get involved in, Huizenga said.

This year’s art projects included a sticky note wall in the shape of UNM’s new logo and the continuation of last year’s giant wooden cube.

The wooden panels forming the sides of the cube were decorated with paint markers. Each side had unique images and words from numerous different UNM students. Anyone was welcome to contribute to the cube, Huizenga said.

The sticky note art activity at Lobo Spirit gave students a chance to think about and write down what being a Lobo means to them personally but also offered them the opportunity to be part of a bigger project, according to Maxon.

“The sticky note wall is in the shape of UNM’s new logo, and so when students write what being a Lobo means, they are putting it on the wall to create one whole diverse meaning of being a Lobo.” Huizenga said.

An additional part of the Lobo Day celebration was singing happy birthday to UNM and eating some birthday cake. This part of the event was marked with chanting and confetti.

Every year at Lobo Day attendees are traditionally given shirts with the UNM logo on them to wear for a group photo. This photo is displayed on the second floor of the sub next to Chick-fil-A until the next year when a new photo is taken.

Megan Holmen is a freelance reporter for news and culture at the Daily Lobo. She can be contacted at, or on Twitter @megan_holmen.