It’s a rare occasion that there is a moment of calm during a basketball game, especially one that is as close as the game the University of New Mexico women’s basketball team played against Wyoming last Wednesday. But the fleeting moments prior to a free throw attempt allow the players and fans a taste of that. A hush falls over the arena as everyone waits for the shot, and it is in that moment that I captured this series of what I’m calling “Free Throw Portraits.” Through these photos, I hope to capture the focus and composure that these players show in the final minutes of an intense game during one of the few moments when all eyes in the arena are on them, when they step to the line, with teammates and opponents around them.

Cameron Goeldner is a sports beat reporter and photographer for the Daily Lobo. He primarily covers men’s soccer and softball but also contributes content for baseball, basketball, football and track and field. He can be contacted at or on Twitter