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Tuesday, 9:00am, November 13th, 2018

University Art Museum

Current Exhibits
Flight is a multi-media installation by Albuquerque artist sheri crider that examines connections between empathy, personal transformation, mass incarceration, and migration. Using her own story as well as the stories of incarcerated migrants as a point of departure, this exhibition is centered on understanding the personal experiences and social implications of mass incarceration. The migratory birds serve as visual metaphor, bringing focused attention to the imprisonment of migrants, asylum seekers, and refugees. Flight represents the culmination of a year and a half of research, artistic collaborations, and creative interventions into social injustices. This project combines education, community partnerships, visual art, and fundraising to expand the practical capacity of art-making into forms of discourse, civic engagement, and empathy building. The exhibit is deeply personal and intentionally socially engaged.

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