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ARCOS presents In the Ether and SHIFT | Dance Festival

Friday, 8:00pm, September 28th, 2018

North Fourth Art Center 4904 4th St NW NM Albuquerque 87107

As guest artists at SHIFT | Dance Festival, ARCOS presents In the Ether, a transmedia performance that actively integrates live-streaming video and live performance, posing questions about our relationship with current technologies and the way it distorts the performance of identity in our culture. How deeply does social media permeate our psyche, beyond the pleasurable (and physiologically addictive) pings of “likes,” “comments,” or “shares?” How many versions of ourselves do we curate for different media platforms? How has the corporate concept of “branding” translated to our personal development? How do we navigate this virtual “ether” audience in our daily lives?

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