Last Thursday the Daily Lobo published the “Doing it in the Duke City” column about having safe anal sex. Here are some student-survey responses:


Tiffany Hunter “I’ve never had anal sex because I think it’s nasty. But I’ve heard women say they’ve actually had orgasms from it if the partner does it right. Just because I think it’s kind of gross — I’ve never had personal interests in it. But as far as safety, people should talk openly about it because people do do it. I hear stories from gay men doing it too because I work at Exhale Nightclub — it’s a gay bar. You should spread safety and how to properly do it without harming your partner. I’m for all of those things but for me, personally, I’m not into it. As a woman I think men would get more pleasure out of that than a woman would.”

Trey Chavez “People are going to be doing it anyway. So if they’re telling you how to do it safely, I think it’s helping more than hurting. I think if people don’t want to do it, they’re not going to do it. But if they do want to do it, they’re going to do it and if they’re properly educated on it, that’s probably better than not knowing. I’ve never had anal sex in any shape or form and I’m not really that interested in it. If I were against it, it would kind of be pointless because people are going to do it whether I’m into it or not. If they’re doing it, they might as well try and be safe about it. I guess in a way it’s weird and I can understand the controversy, but I can understand why it might be somewhat necessary if people are doing it. I can’t really imagine a wrong way because it all just seems kind of wrong, but if they can be as safe as possible that’s best.”