After months of rumors and speculation, the long-awaited collaboration between former rivals Kanye West and Kid Cudi has finally surfaced in the form of a carefully crafted and thoughtfully produced album titled “Kids See Ghosts” (KSG).

Similar to previous Kanye produced albums during the month of June, “Daytona” and “Ye,” KSG has a seven-track listing that seemingly encapsulates all of Kanye’s and Cudi’s strengths. Although KSG has a run time of just 23 minutes, the mysterious and at times dream like atmosphere Kanye and Cudi produce helps expand their album into something that feels greater than just a measly 23 minutes of music.

The world belonged to Belcalis Almanzar, other wise known as Cardi B, even if only for a day.

On April 7, Cardi B released her debut studio album titled “Invasion of Privacy.” No other album or artist in 2018 has had so much to prove. With Cardi B’s fan base growing by the day and her fame being held up by her groundbreaking hit “Bodak Yellow,” her future in the music industry seemed to weigh on the success of “Invasion of Privacy.”

Jay Rock- “WIN”

“Win” featuring Kendrick Lamar feels as though it was seemingly created for TDE’s Championship Tour. Although “Win” is relatively simplistic, the marching band horns which reign over the majority of the track feel uplifting and inspiring. If your workout playlist doesn’t have “Win” next to Kanye’s “Power” how do you even find motivation to do anything?

Charlie Puth- ”BOY”

Off of Charlie Puth’s sophomore album “Voicenotes” the track “BOY” is an upbeat, playful anthem to guys born in the 90’s who seemingly keep getting treated like a younger boy. Charlie’s lullaby voice stands out like a diamond in an 80’s rough as he effortlessly glides through his hook singing “You won't wake up beside me/ 'Cause I was born in the '90s/ Baby, how dare you treat me just like/ Like a boy.”

Music’s most elusive act, Christopher Edwin Breaux, also known as Frank Ocean, has taken the world of music to new depths with not only his incomparable lyricism, but the vulnerability that he expresses through them.

Throughout his career, Ocean has become more open with expressing his sexuality through his art. In July of 2012, Ocean decided to make his first statement addressing his sexuality through an open letter on his Tumblr page. He explained that his first love was indeed a man and gave a detailed account of his loss of love they experienced.

Album Review: Pusha T creates classic with "Daytona"

Hip-Hop has entered a strange phase of punk rap, where there’s an over saturation of “Lil’ this” and “Lil’ that’s”, mumble rap has peaked and a rapper having colored hair doesn’t start and end with Nicki Minaj anymore. Kanye West and Pusha T saw this and instead of making another high art, experimental album like “The Life Of Pablo,” they hunkered down in Wyoming and spent a year and a half finding the cure to this ailing genre, this would take the form of “DAYTONA.”

Before the release of “Daytona,” which is the first of many G.O.O.D Music albums coming this month, Diddy released a handwritten note stating that “Daytona” is “amodern day masterpiece. A flawless Hip-Hip gem. Classic but current. In real time! A true classic!”This kind of praise for an album that wasn’t event publicly available could prove detrimental by setting standards too high and leaving room to disappoint.

Concert Review: Skizzy Mars shows promise at Sunshine Theater

On the fourth to last stop on his “Are You Ok?” tour, Myles Mills, known by his stage name Skizzy Mars, made a full effort at the Sunshine Theater on May 8th. Although Skizzy Mars appeared at UNM’s 2017 Fiestas, he hasn’t actually been on a proper tour for two years. With the 2018 release of his latest EP “are you OK?,” Skizzy was ready to hit the road once again.

In spite of Albuquerque being Skizzy’s 21st show in the span of his two-month tour, it’s not hard to believe that this could’ve been his opening performance. His show was full of bouncy enjoyable tracks, a positive attitude and undying charisma. From stage left to stage right, it was hard to find a moment when he wasn’t moving, dancing or jumping.

Concert Review: Japanese Breakfast takes over Meow Wolf

Michelle Zauner, better known as the solo artist of Japanese Breakfast, took over Santa Fe’s interactive art installation, Meow Wolf, on Tuesday night.

The lo-fi singer fit in perfectly with Meow Wolf’s aesthetic, with her latest album Soft Sounds from Another Planet reflecting the underlying themes of the immersive installation.

Album Review: J. Cole's latest release a letdown

The 33-year old rapper, Jermaine Lamarr Cole, aka J. Cole, is held as one of the top three rappers alive next to giants Kendrick Lamar and Drake. With the release and overwhelming success of “2014 Forest Hills Drive” that seemed to be true — it was a masterpiece devoid of features, filled with personal stories, amazing instrumentals and memorable lyrics.

The follow up to J. Cole’s 2014 classic, “4 Your Eyez Only,” was a decent project that was less flashy but still contained quality moments such as “Déjà vu,” “Vile Mentality” and “Neighbors.” The album also contained some flops, most notably the career-long regrettable song, “Foldin Clothes,” which at its best contained a good instrumental.

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