I have a three-pronged proposal for the University budget shortfall and the current football dilemma:

1. Fire Athletics Director Paul Krebs, and don’t hire another athletics director for two or more years. Since President Schmidly is such a believer in the “Athletics as the University’s front porch philosophy,” have him assume the directorship of the department until state economics improve.

Surely, in times when we are all to tighten our belts and work harder, the president will want to spearhead the effort. This move would save enough money to pay the GAs and TAs who are about to be fired.

2. Fire head coach Mike Locksley. UNM will still have to pay him, but it will save money on lawsuits, cover-ups and anger management classes, as well as save face with the alumni who are actively embarrassed by Locksley. He can’t coach, but bullies and intimidates all too well.

3. Promote one of the assistant coaches to head coach. The football situation really cannot get much worse, so why don’t we promote from within and give a worker in the trenches a chance? If he succeeds in improving the program, reward him generously when we can finally quit paying Locks for being pugnacious and incompetent.

Sharon Karpinski
Community member