University President Bob Frank took to Twitter Monday evening to address UNM's official seal and the campaign demanding it be changed. 

First, Frank provided some history behind the current depiction of the seal - which portrays a frontiersman and a conquistador - emphasizing that it was a Native American that designed it. 

The Red Nation and Kiva Club, two organizations that advocate for Native American rights and representation of indigenous peoples, are leading an ongoing campaign to abolish the seal, arguing that it is racist for neglecting to reflect the role of indigenous people in New Mexico history. 

Group members and supporters held a rallying event on Friday to bring attention to their cause. The march eventually found its way to Frank's office, where event organizers presented him with a list of demands, questioning his stance on whether the seal is racist or not. 

On Twitter, Frank went on to clarify that the animal depicted above the letters "UNM" in the seal is "Not a parrot, (but) a Zia roadrunner," implying that there have been some misconceptions about that particular detail. 

Frank ended by offering to open a dialogue on the debate. 

It should be noted that Frank very rarely utilizes the social media platform to address a contentious topic. This is the first time he has discussedthe seal since the campaign began. 

Several individuals have expressed solidarity with the campaign to abolish the seal on social media, and one pointed out that out of several of the state's higher education institutions - including UNM, New Mexico Highlands, New Mexico State and Western New Mexico - UNM's is the only seal depicting a frontiersman and conquistador. 

"A redesign of the seal could bring in culturally significant representative symbols that best represent each culture," the Facebook post by Ralph Arellanes Sr. reads.

David Lynch is the editor-in-chief at the Daily Lobo. Contact him at or on Twitter @RealDavidLynch.