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shine down

REVIEW: Shinedown brings a flying piano to Isleta Amphitheater

  Isleta Amphitheater’s season came to a close on the evening of Oct. 18 with an incredibly rockin’ show. Shinedown was the forerunner for “The Revolutions Live Tour,”  bringing with them Spiritbox and Papa Roach.  All of them cranked their amps up to 11.  Each band put on an exceptional performance alongside the music — with an array of psychedelic backdrops, interactive lighting and pyrotechnics that made the ground jump.


OPINION: Albuquerque's Haunted Attractions

 Every city has their extensive lore, whether it be exclusive to long-time residents or made available to the world through legend. New Mexico is recognized as an especially haunted state, according to the Travel Channel. It is home to many ghost towns that have gained popularity with paranormal investigators nationwide, but Albuquerque also has a fascinating history of paranormal curiosities for residents and visitors to discover. There are two locations in Albuquerque’s Historic Old Town that are rumored –  or in some cases, adamantly believed – to be haunted.

Saw X movie scene

REVIEW: “SAW X” – a mind-bending journey

  This entry to the controversial “Saw” series, ironically, breathes new life into the franchise.  The movie follows the notorious serial killer, John “Jigsaw ‘’ Kramer (Tobin Bell), to Mexico for a new cancer treatment.  The film has a perfect combination of fanfare and casual viewer content. It keeps the most fun aspects of the series: the wild editing, the quick cuts and gut wrenching sounds that combine for a visceral reaction that puts you in the shoes of Jigsaw’s victims. 

MEN movie image

REVIEW: “Men” is a surreal, bizarre deep dive into trauma

From the first minutes of “Men,” the atmosphere is deeply unsettling despite the audience not knowing exactly what is wrong – putting the viewer in the shoes of the recently widowed Harper (Jessie Buckley). In “Men” (2022), directed by Alex Garland, Harper visits an isolated village to spend some time alone healing after the death of her husband. Through a series of flashbacks to the night he died, the audience discovers that he became increasingly abusive which culminated in his own accidental death. As Harper copes with surviving domestic violence and witnessing the death of her husband, she meets a series of uncannily similar men, all played by Rory Kinnear.

psycho scene

REVIEW: “Psycho” was the best thing to happen to horror

  The greatest horror film plot twist of all time took place in 1960 with the spin of a chair. “Psycho,” directed by Alfred Hitchcock, is irrefutably a classic. It follows secretary Marion Crane (Janet Leigh) who is caught in a thunderstorm while on the run with stolen cash. Exhausted, she stops at Bates Motel for the night, which proves to be a fatal mistake.  The performances are electric. Leigh’s growing anxiety as the plot unfolds is palpable through the screen 63 years later. 

Wilco Band Feature

REVIEW: October starts off with Wilco

October is arguably Albuquerque's biggest month of the year, thanks to Balloon Fiesta. There was no better way to kick it off than to see a rock ‘n’ roll show.  On the night of October 1, Wilco – an alternative rock band – performed at the Kiva Auditorium to a sold out crowd of enthusiastic fans. The Kiva Auditorium is located in the Albuquerque Convention Center. It offers a calm and relaxing venue with comfortable seating and a wide stage for all to see, but fans found no time to sit during their performance; everyone couldn’t help but stand and dance. The audience was full of a wide range of ages from folks who have known Wilco their whole life to parents bringing their kids to see the show for the first time.

womens basketball

OPINION: Upcoming women’s basketball season preview

Last season, the Lobo women’s basketball team finished with a record of 21-13. In Mike Bradbury’s seventh season as Head Coach, it was a slight drop off compared to the 2021-2022 season. Despite that, Bradbury was offered a five-year $275,000 contract extension this past May, keeping him in charge through 2028. Last year, the Lobo’s production was unbelievable, scoring 75.7 points per game – the second most in the conference. Along with that, they were efficient — scoring a top thee field goal, three point and free throw percentage in the conference. A majority of last season’s offense came from University of New Mexico’s four senior starters — Amaya Brown, LaTascya Duff, LaTora Duff and Shaiquel McGruder. Together they combined for 46.5 points per game and were key players in all components of the Lobo’s system.

The night at Lobo V.jpg

EDITORIAL: A dystopian, all-American occurrence

  Wednesday night, Froylan Villegas, an 11-year-old boy, died near campus outside of an Isotopes game — a dystopian, all-American occurrence. I came back to Lobo Village, confronted by cop cars and a handful of “Are you safe?” texts from my roommates. Avenida Ceaser Chavez Rd. and University Blvd. are closed. Just before, student housing was put under lockdown by speakers blaring orders outside, my roomates said. Yet the dinner is cooked, the music is played and my Wednesday evening continues. How disgustingly dystopian, I guess.

state fair.jpg

OPINION: September festivities not to miss

  September is upon us and that means it’s the start of the fall festival season. School is now in session and temperatures this summer were exceptionally high. September marks a turning of the seasons and a reprieve of the summer heat – the perfect time for friends and family to celebrate all the things New Mexico has to offer. Here is a list of a few local festivals and fairs happening throughout the month that are sure to be fun, immersive and educational.

snoop dog.jpg

REVIEW: Snoop Dogg’s Highschool Reunion tour brings volume to ABQ

  It brought a bustle of positive energy, great music and a wide arrangement of entertainment; Snoop Dogg’s Highschool Reunion tour began this past June. On Tuesday, Aug. 21, he came to the Land of Enchantment. The tour has a hit line-up of artists including Wiz Khalifa, Warren G, DJ Drama, Berner, Too $hort and headliner Snoop Dogg. It had been six years since Snoop Dogg was last in  Albuquerque, but the crowd made sure to show him love with constant dancing, singing and hollering. It was an electric feeling that was impossible to ignore.

Copy of Copy of letter to the editor.jpg

LETTER: Study shows $1 billion potential bill for oil and gas clean up without BLM rule change

  From a young age, we teach our children the importance of taking responsibility for their actions and cleaning up after themselves when they make a mess. We should expect the same from the oil and gas industry working in New Mexico. But for far too long, antiquated policies under the current leasing system have left our families on the hook to pay to clean up messes left behind by bankrupt oil and gas companies – messes involving orphaned wells with decaying and leaking infrastructure that can pollute our air and water. This has robbed our communities of tax dollars that could have been put to use improving our children’s classrooms and our hospitals and roadways.

"The Shadow of the Gods" and "The Hunger of the Gods" by John Gwynne. Image courtesy of Amazon.

REVIEW: A Norse-inspired fantasy trilogy to enchant

  If you are prone to buying and reading books because TikTok said so, we need to be friends. A few weeks ago, a book by John Gwynne caught my eye and the giant dragon on the cover for “The Shadow of the Gods” sold me. Gwynne is no stranger to adult fantasy books. He has written two lengthy fantasy series prior to “The Bloodsworn Trilogy.” The trilogy, so far, only contains “The Shadow of the Gods” and “The Hunger of the Gods.” When I tell you I ate them for breakfast, lunch and dinner for two weeks straight, I mean it.

flordia copy.jpg

EDITORIAL: The importance of critical studies

  One of the oldest gender studies programs in the nation, the Women’s Studies Program has existed at the University of New Mexico since 1972. In 1999 a major was added, and in 2019 the name was changed from Women’s Studies to Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies. Last week, the first public university in the nation cut its gender studies department. The New College of Florida did away with its Women’s Studies department – a decision supported by Ron Desantis, the Republican Gov. of Florida. The University is now “shifting gears” to a new athletics program. I am in my final year of the program here at UNM and I could not be more grateful for my education in WGGS.


Opinion: Summer reads that helped me love reading again

For those of you who might also reminisce on days spent reading in middle school entranced by some make-believe world but haven't been able to fall head over heels for a paperback since – this is a list of four books that I feel will help you take the jump. I’ve spent the past six months attempting to get back into reading fiction – never able to convince myself to open a book, much less finish one. Halfway through the year, I’ve compiled a list of four of my favorite summer reads – ones I’ve felt have been a good reintroduction to reading for pleasure.


EDITORIAL: Pride Bangers celebrate Queer music and influence

The playlist “Pride Bangers” was created by the editorial staff of the Daily Lobo and hopes to celebrate a couple of certified bangers, specifically songs that elevate and express Queerness. Additions like “Call Me Maybe” capture catchy pop perfection and excitement on the dance floor, while “Fast Car” exemplifies yearning for something bigger with a tender chosen partnership. Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” and “G.U.Y.” answer Queer anxieties with captivating beats, lyrics and messaging that display confidence and pride.


EDITORIAL: SAG & WAG strikes remind power of unionization

It was just announced that the SAG-AFTRA union has gone on strike. This follows the ongoing Writers Guild of America strike, which has lasted now over 70 days, according to the New York Times. This massive labor strike should serve as a reminder of the power of a labor movement and the treatment people deserve in employment. The last time writers and actors both went on strike was in the 1960s, when unions were at their peak in the 1950s; one-third of the labor force was unionized. Currently, amidst nationwide unionization movements, coverage of unions has been on the rise. In 2022, the number of people represented by a union grew by approximately 200,000, according to NPR.


Opinion: Can someone please give me Eras Tour tickets?

It’s safe to say that over the past three years, Taylor Swift has spoiled her fans. Starting with her 2020 release of “Folklore,” she has released six albums – three entirely new ones and two  rerecordings. On July 7, Swift gifted her fans another nostalgic experience and released “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version).”  “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)” comes 13 years after the original masterpiece. Swift has been rerecording her previous albums from when she worked under producer Scooter Braun. Braun had refused to sell Swift the rights to her music, so she is rerecording it. I am all for her owning her music and doing so in any way she can. And who doesn’t love being supplied with nostalgia?

The Bear Review

OPINION: “The Bear” making television bear-able

The landscape of television seems bleak at the moment. Prestige shows are ending at a rapid rate; HBO’s ”Succession” and “Barry,” Hulu’s “Handmaid's Tale” and Netflix’s “The Crown” all end this year. There seems to be little left for television at the moment. The ongoing writers strike by the Writers Guild of America seems to not spell well for the future either. Contant cancellations by Netflix and Warner Brothers does not support the audience’s fatality. What's left for TV? Are we standing in the cemetery of the once great age of TV? FX’s “The Bear” is here to disprove that. “The Bear” is electric, addictive TV that seems to disprove any fears about the end of peak TV.

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