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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Look at ‘What Lack of Sense Has Done’ in this world


I have changed the title and lyrics to a song by Nick Lowe, called “What Lack of Love Has Done,” to address the question “Can science and technology save us?” My gratitude and apologies to Lowe, who, fortunately, doesn’t know me.

“What Lack of Sense Has Done”

Well I think about our world
And this is what I do.
I claim that we’ve screwed up
‘Cause I know it to be true.

When it’s time to print a column,
And my story has begun,
I try to explain
What lack of sense has done.

And though I do it weekly
I’m always filled with shame
For it’s a never-ending story
And we’re the ones to blame.

I know what you’re saying
That we still can run
But there’s nowhere to run
From what lack of sense has done.

Witness devastation
To our ecology
Brought down by our blindness
Our technology and greed.

We lack short-term motive
When we speak financially
To stop burning coal
Now, preventively.

Well I hear what you’re saying
But wind, wave, and sun
And mirrors sent to space
Won’t undo the mess we’ve done.

No there’s nowhere to run
From what lack of sense has done.
And it’s not a lot of fun
To learn that we’re so dumb
To see what we’ve become.