City Councilor Isaac “Ike” Benton takes the race.

With 100% of precinct results reporting, Benton (D-District 2) received 52.2% of the vote in Tuesday's runoff election, while challenger Zack Quintero (D) got 47.8%. The gap between the two candidates was just over 4%.

Benton will retain in his seat for another four-year term.

The U.S. Department of Justice released the University of New Mexico from a three-year oversight, UNM President Garnett Stokes announced in a Board of Regents meeting on Dec. 10 as well as in a letter to all students, staff and faculty.

The DOJ formally ended its oversight in a letter dated Dec. 6, 2019. DOJ closed its monitoring of the agreement because they felt UNM had met its requirements of the three-year oversight agreement, according to the letter.

“Please note that this determination does not preclude the Department’s investigation of future complaints against UNM, if any,” the letter said.

University of New Mexico student Madelyn Lucas has been a New Student Orientation (NSO) leader for two years. During the last two summers, Lucas would get to main campus early Monday morning and chauffeur dozens of incoming students around UNM until Thursday evening.

Lucas said she hasn’t noticed a decline in the hundred or so incoming students she has worked within her two years as an NSO leader; however, in her other job as a student leader of the undergraduate student government, she grapples with it every day.

Since the fall semester of 2012, student enrollment has plummeted by one-fifth (21.68%), according to data from UNM’s Office of Institutional Analytics (OIA). The decline is in response to national trends and campus events, according to Provost James Holloway —  which has led to budget shortages, departmental scale back and a drastic shift in life for all UNM community members.

Kayleigh Maes’s passion for her major in Media Arts is the end product of an affinity for film and photography rooted in childhood. Maes’s strong foundation in her degree path is built upon her family’s equally artistic background, and according to Maes, this foundation has reassured her whenever she questions her career plan. 

“My whole family has been in the film industry since I was little. My dad started out as a graphic designer and then became an art director in film here. So, I grew up going onto set and taking photographs of what I saw,” Maes said, adding that her parents have wholeheartedly supported her selecting a Media Arts route over a film and photography career. 

In addition to her sturdy personal foundation, Maes maintains an equally secure professional impact in Albuquerque. She plans to continue developing her existing photography business after graduation and continue working at the magazine Perfect Wedding Guide New Mexico

Climate strike demands UNM to call state of climate emergency


Students, staff and members of the University of New Mexico community called for the University to declare a state of climate emergency Friday afternoon. University President Garnett Stokes was not in attendance to hear that message.

The climate strike included a march from Johnson Field to the outside Stokes' office in Scholes Hall. UNM LEAF —  a climate group —  and Fight For our Lives led the march in order to present Stokes with a letter demanding a regenerative campus, investing in education on climate change action and the elimination of UNM’s investment in the fossil fuel industry. 

UNM sexual assault cover-up suit settled

The University of New Mexico settled a civil lawsuit pertaining to the school’s handling of a 2016 rape allegation by a former student. What UNM will pay the plaintiff — or to what degree they will admit fault — remains unclear.

The settlement stemmed from a civil lawsuit brought by former UNM student Teriana Bagley, on Jan. 23 this year which alleged: “a campaign of misinformation, intimidation and retaliation (was) being conducted by and through Coach (Bob) Davie and the UNM football program.”

UNM declined to provide a statement about the settlement or its terms except to say “the settlement is confidential per state statute.” 

ASUNM plans for NM Legislature

As 2019 comes to a close and next year’s New Mexico legislative session nears, ASUNM President Adam Biederwolf is preparing to request new capital outlay funds from the Roundhouse, While previous ASUNM President Becka Myers’ capital outlay request has yet to see completion.

Last spring, Myers’ administration secured capital outlay from the legislature to fund solar panel installations on the roof of the Student Union Building (SUB). Before the project could start, it was discovered that the SUB roof had extensive weather damage. 

And that's a wrap: ASUNM Senate closes for the semester

In the culmination of the fall 2019 semester defined by budget concerns, the Associated Students of the University of New Mexico held their final full senate meeting of the semester on Wednesday, Nov. 20.

The liveliest debate of the night centered around Resolution 3F, supporting Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s proposed “Opportunity Scholarship.” Senator Matthew Zank decreed the resolution as partisan legislation which would set a “precedent” for politicizing Senate business. He also took issue with the Senate passing a bill that Zank said not all students would agree with. 

UNM to terminate internet service at SFH

The University of New Mexico provided internet service at the Student Family Housing (SFH) apartment complex will be terminated in July 2020 —  leaving residents to pay for their own internet. 

SFH is an off campus UNM Resident Life & Student Housing complex of 200 apartments designed specifically for “UNM students, both undergraduate and graduate, with spouses, domestic partners or families,” according to the UNM housing website.

According to an internal survey conducted by the SFH community, most of the residents at the SFH are graduate students and are employed by the University as teaching assistants or graduate assistants.

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