For students who spend the majority of their time on campus or doing extracurricular activities, maintaining isolation can become quite the challenge, if it hasn't already.

To prevent the spread of coronavirus, governments around the world have ordered its citizens to practice isolation within their homes and maintain a social distance of at least six feet apart from others. Groups of more than 10 people are highly discouraged, if not banned outright.

To make sure you don't completely lose your routine and maintain a positive attitude, here are some helpful tips on how to stay motivated during isolation.

Simple items around every household can be transformed into some refreshing Do-It-Yourself crafts to relieve your boredom when stuck at home. 

For anyone looking to create, it might require gathering some cheap materials from places like Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby or Micheals — but it can also be fun to only work with what you have if the stores are closed.

Here at UNM, we're a week into our extended spring break, and I've spent all of my time in my room writing about math. And if you know me, you probably knew that I was going to spend my break this way, pandemic isolation or not.

Before I get into it, let me just say this:

I know everyone is afraid, confused, upset and probably feeling a little panicked. Don’t get me wrong — I am, too. This is a global catastrophe, the likes of which recorded history rarely sees.

And because of this, I understand that graphs aren't exactly everyone's main concern right now. The problem is that I'm seeing a lot of numbers flying around with little clarity, which I can only imagine is going to cause more panic as we barrel into a national scenario that's absolutely going to get much, much worse before it gets any better.

On a nearly freezing mid-January evening, an impressive crowd of stereotypical affluent, environmentally and socially conscious, anti-corporate white North Americans, of all ages and genders, clad in the muted tones of this year’s line of outdoor performance clothes, poured into the bottom floor of the Kimo Theater to watch a collection of films depicting extraordinary women pushing themselves to their limits.

The No Man's Land Film Festival (NMLFF) tour came to Albuquerque on Saturday, January 17, 2020, to show a selection of women-focused adventure short films.

Stop putting yourself in the center of the U.S.-Iran conflict

News of the killing of Iranian top Military Commander Qasem Soleimani in a U.S. airstrike three days into the new year sent war trepidation throughout the nation. In the age of social media, this apprehension led memes under hashtags like #WWIII and #WW3 to explode on Twitter. 

Though the death left many citizens and experts around the globe speechless, Soleimani — who was widely regarded as a key figure in thwarting the spread of ISIS in Iran — did not go quietly. 

Thousands of Iranian people mourned Soleimani’s death during funeral processions on Jan. 7. In a broadcast speech earlier that day, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif labeled the attack as a “stupid mistake by assassinating the greatest commander who stood in the face of terrorism" in the region, and said that Iran would respond in a proportionate matter “against legitimate targets.”

Affordable meals for college students to survive 2020

With 2020 rolling in a new year and decade, University of New Mexico students may begin to scramble around for their next meal.  

UNM offers three different meal plans: the lobo, the silver and the red, as well as an array of different plans for dining dollars and various places around campus to eat. 

Besides La Posada, UNM’s campus offers places like Einstein’s Bagel Bros, the Student Resource Center, Mandalay at Freshbox and the Union Club on the first floor of the Student Union Building — each of which are meal swipe friendly locations where a rushing college student can grab something to go between classes.

A Guide to not going completely crazy during finals week

Well, here we are.

The final week of the semester should bring joy, happiness and adulation. Instead, it brings dread, hopelessness and much-unneeded stress. This sense of impending doom comes in the form of final exams, as they are the major reason for the massive loss of hair and mental breakdowns. But, with a plan of action and with a little luck, you can survive and thrive during your final exams.

I am not an expert in the field of finals, but these are the things that I have done to do better on the most important exam of the semester.

What is a sugar baby?

A sugar baby is someone who receives financial and or material gifts in exchange for a relationship. The sugar daddy or momma is usually much older than the sugar baby, according to Urban Dictionary.

It is common for people to believe that only women can be sugar babies, but the term is universal. A sugar baby can be anyone that fits the definition, regardless of their gender or expression.

A guide to hiking in central New Mexico

From climbing massive mountains then skiing down them up North, to desert backpacking and rock climbing down South, there are outdoor activities year-around in New Mexico. For many students at The University of New Mexico, these outdoor activities are popular, but it is not always necessary to take a three-hour drive to have a good time outside.

Exploding 5,000 feet above the Rio Grande, the Sandia Mountains sit in Albuquerque’s backyard. No Albuquerque local can find the eastern direction without looking for them, but the Sandias are often forgotten when talking about New Mexico’s natural beauty.

'The Outer Worlds' offers the soulfulness 'Fallout' lacked

Placing you in a galaxy run by private corporations, "The Outer Worlds" is a first-person sci-fi role-playing game. On Oct. 25, game developer Obsidian Entertainment released "The Outer Worlds" for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

The game starts off with your character being lost in transit while a colonist ship is on its way to the farthest edge of the galaxy. Your character wakes up years later only to find themselves in the middle of a conspiracy threatening a colony that is important to the game's story.

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