Placing you in a galaxy run by private corporations, "The Outer Worlds" is a first-person sci-fi role-playing game. On Oct. 25, game developer Obsidian Entertainment released "The Outer Worlds" for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

The game starts off with your character being lost in transit while a colonist ship is on its way to the farthest edge of the galaxy. Your character wakes up years later only to find themselves in the middle of a conspiracy threatening a colony that is important to the game's story.

Earlier this year, I received a letter from the City of Albuquerque informing me that the property I share with three other units was in violation of the "Weed, Litter, and Snow Removal Ordinance." It stated that if we didn’t remove our weeds, we would be fined by the city.

Personally, I’ve always found it difficult to distinguish between "weeds" and plants. The delineation between the two appears to stem from a plant’s perceived friendliness to humans and our ability to control its growth — this line is blurry.

David Michôd and Joel Edgerton’s “The King” breaks free from the poetic iambic pentameter Shakespearian style it’s based on and recreates the plot with more detail than many past cinematical versions of the play. 

“The King” is a historical drama based on Shakespeare’s play, “Henry V,” and was released Nov. 1, 2019, on Netflix.

Set in 15th century England, King Henry IV (played by Ben Mendelsohn) is dying from sickness and must choose one of his sons to succeed his throne. He is left with two choices: Prince Hal (Timothee Chalamet,) the firstborn with a reputation of avoiding his responsibilities, or Prince Thomas (Dean-Charles Chapman,) who is eager to be king, but is soft and thirsty for war. 

It’s springtime at Bridgeton Middle School and all our favorite characters return. The third season of Big Mouth premiered Oct. 4 on Netflix and, in its traditional style, reminds us all that growing up is an objectively awful experience. 

The hit Netflix show tackles the challenges that arise with puberty, masturbation, menstruation, first kisses and breakups. Audiences follow the characters as friendships are tested and sexual orientations are explored, but the same raunchy humor of the animated series remains with the beloved Hormone Monsters giving their opinions to the kids.

Educated and in control: knowing more about birth control options

When it comes to choosing a birth control that works for the individual, the list of options is wide and diverse. While some contraceptives are inserted to last between five and 12 years — like the implant or an IUD — others can be less invasive on the body, such as condoms or the pill.

At the University of New Mexico, education about sex and protection is strongly advocated for by offices like Student Health and Counseling (SHAC). However, the details of birth control options are not always given to students, and many women do not know how contraceptives are affecting them, or even protecting them from unwanted pregnancy.

Review: Pointless "El Camino" perfects nostalgia fuel

I’m not sure who asked for this movie, and I’m not sure why I watched it. 

“El Camino” is the latest spinoff in the “Breaking Bad” series, following the commercial and critical success of “Better Call Saul.” The 2-hour movie acts as an epilogue to the beloved show. 

The movie picks up immediately after the final episode of “Breaking Bad” as Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) speeds away from his cage in Todd’s (Jesse Plemons) Chevy El Camino. After reconnecting with fan-favorites Badger (Matt Jones) and Skinny Pete (Charles Baker,) Pinkman seeks to leave the Albuquerque behind. 

"Catherine: Full Body" improves upon the original

 "Catherine: Full Body" is still as weird as the original while adding more movie-like elements to the game.

On Sept. 3, game developer Studio Zero released "Catherine: Full Body" in the United States and Europe. The game's initial release in Japan was on Feb. 14. Although this game is a remaster, there are many reasons why players of the original (released in 2011) should play this game.

There are 13 distinct endings, new levels, new music and another love interest added to the game. Even with these additions, the game will still feel familiar to returning players. To those who never played "Catherine," they will be coming into a more polished version of the original.

Opinion: Video game preservation necessary to measure cultural impact

Video game preservation is a relatively new concept. It wasn’t until the preservation of other types of media (such as movies, television shows and/or music) in which consumers started taking video game history seriously.

Most video games created throughout history are no longer accessible to study and play. This is because interactive media is a quickly evolving industry. Games that are merely a year old are considered outdated today due to the constant development of new technology.

Older games are hard to come by because developers would throw out source code, computers and even the games themselves. An example of this is the mass burial of video game cartridges, consoles and computers in Alamogordo, New Mexico. These artifacts were buried in 1983 and weren’t discovered until 2014.

Opinion: Students’ religious affiliations ought to be respected in classroom rhetoric

During my time as a student at the University of New Mexico, I have been pleased to observe professors not only encouraging discussion of social liberties in a healthy and intellectual manner, but also delicately sidestepping language or teachings that could threaten any student’s identity. 

Students’ gender, sexuality and race are always respected when acknowledged, and when these topics are discussed objectively, they are addressed in a purely impartial and educational manner. Of course, I cannot speak for all students’ experiences, but thus far I have been nothing short of thrilled with classroom decorum in this respect. 

"Borderlands 3" meets all expectations

On Sept. 13, game developer Gearbox Software released the highly anticipated "Borderlands 3" for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google Stadia and Microsoft Windows. "Borderlands 3" comes seven years after its predecessor "Borderlands 2".

The game improves on previous outings yet stays familiar in the best ways possible. There are returning characters from "Borderlands 2" such as ClapTrap, Mad Moxxi and Lilith, as well as newcomers like Ava.

"Borderlands 3" is a much bigger game than the first, second and pre-sequel. It adds many layers of customization, from character clothing to special abilities and weapon class modification. There is a little bit of everything for every play style.

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