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REVIEW: Snoop Dogg’s Highschool Reunion tour brings volume to ABQ

  It brought a bustle of positive energy, great music and a wide arrangement of entertainment; Snoop Dogg’s Highschool Reunion tour began this past June. On Tuesday, Aug. 21, he came to the Land of Enchantment. The tour has a hit line-up of artists including Wiz Khalifa, Warren G, DJ Drama, Berner, Too $hort and headliner Snoop Dogg. It had been six years since Snoop Dogg was last in  Albuquerque, but the crowd made sure to show him love with constant dancing, singing and hollering. It was an electric feeling that was impossible to ignore.

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LETTER: Study shows $1 billion potential bill for oil and gas clean up without BLM rule change

  From a young age, we teach our children the importance of taking responsibility for their actions and cleaning up after themselves when they make a mess. We should expect the same from the oil and gas industry working in New Mexico. But for far too long, antiquated policies under the current leasing system have left our families on the hook to pay to clean up messes left behind by bankrupt oil and gas companies – messes involving orphaned wells with decaying and leaking infrastructure that can pollute our air and water. This has robbed our communities of tax dollars that could have been put to use improving our children’s classrooms and our hospitals and roadways.

"The Shadow of the Gods" and "The Hunger of the Gods" by John Gwynne. Image courtesy of Amazon.

REVIEW: A Norse-inspired fantasy trilogy to enchant

  If you are prone to buying and reading books because TikTok said so, we need to be friends. A few weeks ago, a book by John Gwynne caught my eye and the giant dragon on the cover for “The Shadow of the Gods” sold me. Gwynne is no stranger to adult fantasy books. He has written two lengthy fantasy series prior to “The Bloodsworn Trilogy.” The trilogy, so far, only contains “The Shadow of the Gods” and “The Hunger of the Gods.” When I tell you I ate them for breakfast, lunch and dinner for two weeks straight, I mean it.

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EDITORIAL: The importance of critical studies

  One of the oldest gender studies programs in the nation, the Women’s Studies Program has existed at the University of New Mexico since 1972. In 1999 a major was added, and in 2019 the name was changed from Women’s Studies to Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies. Last week, the first public university in the nation cut its gender studies department. The New College of Florida did away with its Women’s Studies department – a decision supported by Ron Desantis, the Republican Gov. of Florida. The University is now “shifting gears” to a new athletics program. I am in my final year of the program here at UNM and I could not be more grateful for my education in WGGS.


Opinion: Summer reads that helped me love reading again

For those of you who might also reminisce on days spent reading in middle school entranced by some make-believe world but haven't been able to fall head over heels for a paperback since – this is a list of four books that I feel will help you take the jump. I’ve spent the past six months attempting to get back into reading fiction – never able to convince myself to open a book, much less finish one. Halfway through the year, I’ve compiled a list of four of my favorite summer reads – ones I’ve felt have been a good reintroduction to reading for pleasure.


EDITORIAL: Pride Bangers celebrate Queer music and influence

The playlist “Pride Bangers” was created by the editorial staff of the Daily Lobo and hopes to celebrate a couple of certified bangers, specifically songs that elevate and express Queerness. Additions like “Call Me Maybe” capture catchy pop perfection and excitement on the dance floor, while “Fast Car” exemplifies yearning for something bigger with a tender chosen partnership. Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” and “G.U.Y.” answer Queer anxieties with captivating beats, lyrics and messaging that display confidence and pride.


EDITORIAL: SAG & WAG strikes remind power of unionization

It was just announced that the SAG-AFTRA union has gone on strike. This follows the ongoing Writers Guild of America strike, which has lasted now over 70 days, according to the New York Times. This massive labor strike should serve as a reminder of the power of a labor movement and the treatment people deserve in employment. The last time writers and actors both went on strike was in the 1960s, when unions were at their peak in the 1950s; one-third of the labor force was unionized. Currently, amidst nationwide unionization movements, coverage of unions has been on the rise. In 2022, the number of people represented by a union grew by approximately 200,000, according to NPR.

WNBA story

Opinion: Albuquerque should be a target for WNBA expansion

The Women’s National Basketball Association season is in full swing and nearing the league’s All-Star game on July 15. While the league celebrates their top talent, it is a good time to recognize what the gauntlet athletes have to endure to reach that point. With only 144 roster spots across the 12 team league, talented players are waived before they get a chance to develop. Just 15 players from the three round draft made the roster for the team. In the cutthroat league, prospects have to help their teams win from the jump. With limited spots, teams will opt for players with no weaknesses, which leaves players like Brea Beal without a team.

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OPINION: “Fourth Wing” is the book of the summer

I have been in a massive book slump for the past month and a half, leaving me searching for my next read to finish out the summer. After several hours of scrolling through BookTok, the same book, “Fourth Wing” by Rebecca Yarros, came up again and again. After devouring this book, I can confidently say anyone looking for their next summer read should look no further. “Fourth Wing,” a fantasy novel, follows twenty year-old Violet Sorrengail as she is forced by her mother, the commanding general, to enter a war college for dragon riders instead of her lifelong plan of entering the scribe quadrant.

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OPINION: Good song or good PR move?

    The official music video for “Karma (feat. Ice Spice)” was released on May 26, 2023. Taylor Swift is a singer-songwriter that many have heard of. Ice Spice is a new, up-and-coming artist with recent success. A lot of eyes are on Ice Spice – waiting to see if she will make it or break it as a rapper. The song was released while Swift was facing backlash due to her recent relationship scandal with rumored boyfriend, Matty Healy of The 1975, according to Hot New Hip Hop. Healy has recently participated in racist and misogynistic jokes made about her, according to PAPER.  Swift has an incentive to alleviate the drama while Ice Spice could gain publicity from Swift’s larger stardom. Even if the two truly just wanted to make music together, the media coverage that the song created could boost the growth of their following.


REVIEW: The nightmare symbolism of Kesha’s new “Gag Order”

 Kesha released the music video for “Only Love Can Save Us Now” – a song off her most recent album “Gag Order” on Thursday, June 15. The video is laced with religious imagery in a nightmare dystopia, continuing to develop the themes Kesha introduced within the album itself: learning how to live with trauma. Kesha sued Dr. Luke, her current producer, for sexual and emotional abuse. He has since sued Kesha for defamation. As the legal battle continues to ensue, the impact it has taken on her is evident from the album, according to Vulture. In her new music video, Kesha reflects on her career and life as honestly as she can — bearing her heart to the world.

rainbow captialism

EDITORIAL: Rainbows are disappearing amidst broad unsafety for Queer folk

  It’s that time of the year again: you walk into just about any convenience store and are flooded by a plethora of temporary rainbow branding. Except, has it? As you walk around Target and Walmart, or scroll on Twitter, there certainly seems to be less rainbows. During the month of June, companies often participate in rainbow capitalism.They change their branding to rainbow gradient or sell pride-themed products to attract more business, but in most cases, they end their allyship there. The companies sometimes even simultaneously donate to anti-Queer organizations.  Throughout the years, I have argued against the practice because it is a half-hearted attempt at allyship rooted in profit. This year – amidst the growing anti-Trans and Queer legislation introduced and 72 anti-LGBTQ laws passed in 2023, according to the American Civil Liberties Union. Rainbow capitalism — or lack thereof — feels a little different. 

Little mermaid review

Review: ’The Little Mermaid’ swims to success

Summertime fun for a lot of families consists of a visit to the nearest movie theater. This summer, there is already some new exciting family entertainment to enjoy, one of which being the long-awaited live action remake of Disney’s iconic 1989 cartoon, “The Little Mermaid” released on May 26. The budget was a whopping $250 million, including Ariel's apparent $150,000 hair style. Halle Bailey, the actress behind Ariel, sat for 12-14 hours while a hairstylist wrapped every loc. On average, a hairstyle like locs with extensions costs anywhere from $200-$900, however because the style was taken out and put back in multiple times, the price increased, according to Variety.

Duck pond story

Opinion: How-to take quacktastic photos

The University of New Mexico’s duck pond is a fun and accessible location to practice nature photography. I will take photos of the animals in the area while waiting for my friends to get out of class, or when I have some free time.

Hamilton Images

OPINION: Hamilton and Popejoy bring Broadway to students

After two years, two delays and a pandemic, the award-winning musical “Hamilton” is finally performing at Popejoy Hall, the University of New Mexico’s performing arts theater.  The show will run from May 9 - May 28, and for those coming to town for New Student Orientation, there are still limited tickets available. 

What is the daily lobo/ why you should work for us

EDITORIAL: ‘Good luck, kick ass and get it on the record’

Tucked away in Marron Hall, filled to the brim with past editions, colored pens, a purple couch, seven desks, a dozen rolling chairs and a few Halloween decorations left up a little too long, the Daily Lobo newsroom stands. “Good luck, kick ass and get it on the record” is scribbled above the doorway — a reminder to reporters as they come and go in between interviews, protests, public meetings and breaking news. The cycle starts on a Sunday. Reporters, photographers and editors gather to pitch out stories, pick up assignments, update one another on the status of stories and drink a little too much coffee.

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REVIEW: ‘Beau is Afraid’ of brevity

  Time to whip out your Ativan: auteur-at-large Ari Aster has returned for his third feature film, “Beau is Afraid.” Back at his old vices of troublesome familial dynamics and brutal weirdness, Aster now formats them into a hero’s journey with a darkly comic edge. “Beau is Afraid” is a valiant experiment diminished by its own bloated runtime and unsatisfying, loopy narrative structure. The film follows the titular Beau Wasserman (Joaquin Phoenix), an anxious and solitary man, as he attempts to return home for the burial of his overbearing mother Mona Wasserman. Along the way, he is plunged into a variety of surreal, tooth-pulling nightmare scenarios which serve to reaffirm Beau’s various Freudian neuroses.

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