Quintin Tarantino’s ninth film, “Once Upon a Time In Hollywood,” bent time while retelling the Manson family murders of 1960s starlet Sharon Tate and company. However, the lack of narrative caused the film to fall flat among others in the director’s repertoire. 

The film follows fading western star, Rick Dalton (Leonardo Dicaprio) and his stunt man, Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt) as they try to navigate this new-fangled Hollywood. 

Information technology (IT) is a large component to the development of our future, but the perseverance and understanding of its history is equally important for societal improvement. University of New Mexico History Professor Taylor Spence is helping to share the connection between IT and History through his mural “Can You Hear I.T.?”

The mural project first started taking root in the summer, 2019 when Associate Provost Pamela Cheek recommended Spence as a prime candidate to paint a mural for the IT department. 

“I knew that Dr. Spence had been a professional muralist prior to arriving at UNM and that his work as a historian and teacher gave him insight into the UNM community,” Cheek said. 

Penn Badgley, star of the Netflix series “You,” spoke at the Student Union Building Wednesday night about his faith in the Baha’i religion. The University of New Mexico Baha’i Association along with a variety of volunteers put together this event to draw in students to learn about the teachings of the Baha’i. 

Badgley was asked to come through a mutual friend of Stephen Morris, the President of the UNM Baha’i Association. He was not compensated for speaking at the event. 

The goal of the talk, the first in their spring series, was to get someone significant to speak about this religion to get students interested in Baha’i, Morris said.

As the climate warms, the guillotine will fall on the necks of children. 

That was the message Youth United for Climate Action (YUCA) hoped New Mexico legislators derived from an elaborate demonstration outside the Roundhouse on the opening day of the 2020 session. 

“We need lawmakers to consider the impact of their decision on us, on indigenous communities on the frontlines, and on future generations,” high school seniors Seneca Johnston and Veroaylin Campos said to a crowd of supporters and onlookers. 

NM Mother of the Year recognized for giving back

Robin Brule, an Albuquerque resident and fellow Lobo, was named the 44th New Mexico Mother of the Year earlier this month. Her advocacy for mothers in the workplace, flexible balancing of her own professional and family life and her philanthropic contributions to her community earned her the nomination. 

Brule said she considers the title to be a “heartfelt, unexpected honor and privilege,” and that it reflects how honoring her own mother and supporting motherhood, in general, has been a consistent theme in her life. 

New Taco Truck calls Red Door Brewery Home

Mi Taco Su Taco is the latest addition to the Albuquerque food truck scene. On Jan. 17, the truck had its grand opening at the Red Door Brewery, showcasing its sweet and simple menu.

“Today is our grand opening and business has been good for the day.” Owner Roman Martinez said. 

Martinez, 35, decided to open his food truck after becoming a first-generation college graduate from New Mexico State University. 

One Hundred Years of UNM — 1920 vs. 2020

A lot has changed in the past 100 years since the roaring 1920s. 

The end of the first World War, the ratification of the 19th Amendment and the tuberculosis pandemic all culminated at the turn of the 20th century — and the University of New Mexico was no stranger to these growing pains.

From a birds-eye lens, UNM’s governance landscape was not too far off from today — there were budget shortages, transplant leadership, constant construction, and athletic funding issues. However, only focusing on the similarities would be to erase the changes the University has made over the past century. 

ASUNM Giving Tree provided gifts to local children

Planned by Associated Students of the University of New Mexico Community Experience, this past Nov. 25 marked the start of the Annual Giving Tree that has been held for over ten years, on display in the Student Union Building.

Candy canes decorated The Giving Tree. Volunteers of the community could pick one, then buy the gift written on the decoration, and bring them to the ASUNM office. Each cane had a specific donation request noted.

The gifts were distributed to the local youth at the UNM Children’s Hospital, APS Title I Albuquerque charter schools, and Casa Q — a residential home for LGBTQ youth ages 14 to 17 years old.

Dannelle Kirvin graduating as beloved UNM student leader

As a first-generation college student, Dannelle Kirvin has made a huge impact on campus every year she has been at the University of New Mexico. Majoring in multimedia journalism with a minor in criminology, she came to UNM knowing exactly what she wanted with her heart set on making a difference and standing up for what's right.

Kirven held a variety of different leadership positions — President of Zeta Phi Beta sorority and President of the Black Student Union (BSU). Since the fall of 2015, she held a work-study position in the computer lab of African American Student Services (AASS), but she recently started working there as a professional support intern.

New Nob Hill bookstore features unique titles

Tucked in the corner of the newly opened Little Bear And Stuff Retail Collaborative, colorful books speckle sand-colored bookshelves and light up the industrial space. 

Harvest Moon Books opened on Small Business Saturday — along with the rest of the retail collaborative — and has already seen customers browsing its unique literature collection.

The small bookstore sells a variety of titles, both new and used, with a focus on people of color and indigenous and queer authors.

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