We’ve all been going through changes lately, but the transition to university can be a particularly frightening and singular challenge for many. Luckily for you, the struggle of change is a topic often obsessed over by many great artists. Editors from the Daily Lobo have come together to make a playlist to get you through both foul and fair weather as you move into your first year of college.

With the end of the spring semester comes the end of our first year back to in-person classes after the COVID-19 pandemic. In anticipation of this upcoming fall semester, the University of New Mexico’s psychology department advisors came together to give us five tips to survive another post-pandemic year.

Heading into college, you’ve probably received countless bits of advice ranging from high school teachers advising you on behavior that college professors won’t tolerate to your parents or other adults encouraging you to take advantage of your youth and make the most of the college experience.

Through all the noise, it’s hard to decipher what’s helpful from what’s not. Here, three Daily Lobo editors have compiled their best advice, student-to-student, for those just starting out at the University of New Mexico.

With a fresh batch of incoming freshmen making their way through Albuquerque for the first time, I’m certain one burning question remains on their mind: what is the best coffee place in town? In no particular order, here are five fairly walkable coffee spots near campus worth the visit.

UNM graduate to join New Mexico State Ethics Commission


After four years at the University of New Mexico studying international studies and political science, is anxiously awaiting her May 14 graduation. Musa’s mark on the University, specifically regarding the securing of financial assistance for New Mexico residents, will not be forgotten as she moves forward with a career in political media.

Musa is already set to work as the communications manager for the New Mexico State Ethics Commission for a year following her graduation, and afterwards she hopes to continue her studies in political media with a master’s degree either at UNM or elsewhere.

OPINION: Why I don’t want to get an MFA in creative writing


In a letter to a friend written at the peak of Virgo season, Anton Chekhov wrote: “Medicine is my lawful wife and literature is my mistress.” Wikipedia touts that he is “considered one of the greatest writers of all time,” Russian or otherwise. But he was never a student of the arts; he spent his days watching human beings fall apart and doing what he could to reverse the human condition, something that is temporary, painful, and disgusting to look at.

I graduate this week and people are very curious about what I’m going to do with my dual degree in English and Russian. Most people assume graduate school is the immediate next step, but studying what, they ask? 

UNM grad helps writers and refugees


Hot off the release of the 2022 edition of “Limina: Nonfiction Review,” former editor-in-chief and University of New Mexico graduate Indica Simpson has been busy celebrating her hard work and looking forward to her post-graduation plans.

Simpson, graduating with a bachelor's degree in international studies and a double minor in Arabic and peace and justice studies, left her home town of Fallon, Nevada with her heart set on studying medicine at UNM. After her first year, though, Simpson realized that this wasn’t the field for her.

Acclaimed student journalist graduates, inspires with determination and heart


After five years of undergraduate work split between Champlain College in Vermont and the University of New Mexico, Shelby Wyatt, formerly Shelby Kleinhans, is preparing to graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in film production. The current winner of the Mark Holm photojournalism award, an annual award given to an exceptional Daily Lobo photographer, her work at the Lobo as a dedicated journalist and photographer will not be forgotten.

During her three years at the Daily Lobo, Wyatt has had the opportunity to explore photographic and written journalism as well as, most recently, the position of multimedia editor. Like many other Lobo employees and alumni, Wyatt fondly recalls having “fallen into” journalism by way of the Lobo.

Eagle-eyed editor-in-chief ascends to professional journalism


After four intense years with the Daily Lobo, Megan Gleason is ready to move on from student journalism and step out into the world of professional journalism. Having served as a freelance and beat reporter, culture editor, news editor and editor-in-chief, Gleason is counting down the days until her graduation, when she will receive her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in music.

Gleason began as a freelance reporter after a distasteful hiring process for the Lobo and “never would have guessed” she’d move up the ladder so quickly.

 “I initially decided I didn’t want to work at the Daily Lobo,” Gleason said. “But my sophomore year …  

Award-winning photojournalist to graduate from UNM


Spring 2022 graduate Liam DeBonis began college with few clues as to what he wanted to pursue for a career. Following a random application for freelance photographer at the Daily Lobo, according to DeBonis, everything fell into place. Currently freelancing for the Albuquerque Journal, he is excited for graduation and the opportunity to focus all of his attention on his photojournalism career.

“Honestly, school has kind of taken a back seat to my job as a photojournalist,” DeBonis said. “I’ve definitely put my heart and soul into the photojournalism aspect of my life.”

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