I recently heard that some of our politicians want to make divorce illegal. It is true we have a high divorce rate, but that is not the real problem. The real problem is too many get married before they are mature enough to be able to determine who is a good person for them to plan on spending the rest of their life with. The sensible way to reduce the divorce rate is to make it much harder for people to get married. Maybe we could do that by requiring a couple who thinks they want to get married to have to have the approval of a competent counselor to do so after they have been seeing that same counselor once a week for at least six months.

Personally, I am convinced there has to be a better solution to the high divorce rate than this, but it was the best one I could think of and I do think it would reduce the divorce rate. I hope somebody else has a better solution to the fact that far too many people get married before they are really able to determine who will be a good person for them to marry.

Robert Gardiner
Daily Lobo reader