Priscila Poliana will serve as Graduate and Professional Student Association’s new president for the 2013-14 academic year. Her one-year term begins at the end of the spring semester, when she is sworn in.

Out of 907 votes cast, Poliana received 414 votes. Her opponent, Sharif Gias, got 382 votes. The polls also recorded 85 abstentions and 26 write-ins.

Poliana, an international student from Brazil pursuing her master’s degree in community and regional planning, said she is excited about her win but didn’t want to forget her opponent.
“I want to thank everyone who supported me, and extend my best wishes to Sharif,” she said. “He was a worthy opponent and it was a close race. I hope he will continue to work with GPSA and bring new ideas to the organization.”

Poliana said she is prepared to begin working soon.

“The hard work begins now, but I’m ready and eager to get started,” she said. “I think that in the coming year we can all work together to achieve a lot of important things.”

Gias said he sent an email to Poliana congratulating her on her victory and affirming his commitment to working with her, saying that he did not regret running.

“It was a good fight and a close race, and I’m not going to stop being involved with GPSA,” Gias said. “I will support Priscila and work with her. She has good connections and I have good ideas. Together we will succeed in helping the University. Together we can make it happen.”