UNM Police Department’s new online crime reporting system makes life easier for victims of campus crime.

Through the Citizens Online Reporting System (CORS), anyone can report nonviolent property crime that took place on the University’s premises. The system, which officially launched Aug. 19, is available online at UNMPD’s website.

UNMPD Public Information Officer Lieutenant Tim Stump said CORS is beneficial for the campus community and is a tool that will help assist UNMPD.

Stump said that if anyone wants a police officer to respond to the scene even after filing the report online, UNMPD will send an officer to the scene. “What it does for us is make us more visible on the campus,” Stump said. “It doesn’t take away from us responding to them. If you still want to have an officer to take the report, that’s still available.”

Filing a report online is free and forms are available on the website any time, Stump said. He said the crimes that can be reported online include auto burglary, theft, harassing phone calls, vandalism, lost property and vandalism of a motor vehicle.

Stump said the system is easy to understand and use. After UNMPD receives the report, a sergeant will confirm it and the person who filed it online will receive a confirmation email. He said reports can be printed online, which will provide students a physical record of the report.

He said CORS makes it more convenient for busy students to report crimes on campus.

“We’re a tech-savvy university, and it just makes everything better,” Stump said. “If students are too busy with school, it makes it easier to fill it out online.”

Jacqueline Muñoz, a UNM freshman, said the online reporting system will help police prioritize emergencies. Muñoz said she is aware that criminal incidents take place on campus.

Maymie Mitchell, a senior, said the system will allow students use CORS knowing an officer is sure to visit the crime scene if requested.

“I think it’s kind of nice because students can’t really say, ‘Oh, I didn’t tell them because I didn’t think they would come,’” Mitchell said. “It’s nice to know that you can get your story out there, so at least they can hear about it, or they can report it or talk to other people about it.”