Although I am not inclined to give up eating meat at this time, I do appreciate what PETA2 is doing in order to raise my awareness level and educate me about the treatment of some farm animals.

Beyond that, I am grateful, beyond measure, for the fact that this process of education occurs in a tent where I don’t have to actually look at their graphic images. I am given the opportunity to choose whether I want to enter that tent and engage with them, or not.

I contrast this sensitive approach with that of some groups that would like to influence me with regard to whether I should allow a woman to decide what to do with her own body.

Some of these anti-abortion groups don’t think twice about subjecting me to the most gruesome graphics imaginable, thinking that will change my position in one way or another.

The reality is that the subtle approach is often the most effective. If you want people to listen to you in this noisy world, the best approach is to speak softly.

I would like to applaud PETA2 for their mature and persistent approach to the publicizing of their agenda. They may get to me yet.

Chuck Reuben
UNM staff