Graffiti reported on parking structure

On Jan. 13, a UNMPD officer was dispatched to the Cornell Parking Structure to investigate graffiti. Upon arrival, the officer met with a female witness who told him that the suspects used chalk to scribble the graffiti, which stated “Money is not real” and “you watch the wind blow but little do you know,” according to the report. The witness told police that one of the suspects was a Hispanic male wearing black jeans and shirt, and that the other was a white female in similar attire. The witness took a video of the suspects creating the graffiti.

The officer provided the witness his contact information so that she could send him a copy of the video, according to the report. Police have taken no further action at the time of the report.

Vehicle vandalized in N. Campus lot

On Jan. 16, an officer was dispatched to Q Lot regarding a vandalized vehicle. According to the report, the officer spoke to the male owner of the vehicle, who told him that he had parked his car at the lot that afternoon, and that when he came back three hours later, he noticed damage on the driver’s side door. Someone had apparently used a sharp object to scratch the door’s paint, resulting in $500 worth of damage.

Police were unable to locate any witnesses to the incident, and the man had no idea who might have vandalized his vehicle. No further information is available about the case.

Vandal carved word on vehicle door

On Jan. 17, police received a report from a man about a vandalized vehicle. The man reported that the afternoon before, he parked his vehicle in the Yale Parking Structure, and when he returned that night, he noticed damage on his car doors. According to the report, the subject had engraved words on the driver’s side door, and may have attempted to enter the vehicle through its rear window because it was pulled out slightly.

The man told police that he was unsure who might have vandalized his car. Police dusted for latent fingerprints on the vehicle, but were unable to find anything. UNMPD plans to review surveillance footage of the structure, according to the report, and no further information about the case is available.

UNMPD: Patient assaults RN with urine bottle

On Jan. 18, a UNMPD officer was dispatched to the UNM Hospital in response to a battery involving a healt hcare worker. The victim, a female employee, told police that the suspect, a male patient that “has been transported to the hospital via ambulance for an unknown condition,” had assaulted her with a plastic bottle.

According to the report, the woman was in the process of triage with the patient when he told her that he needed to urinate. The report states the employee told him that for safety reasons, he had to urinate in the bottle, so the patient got mad and threw the bottle back at her in retaliation. The bottle hit the employee in the abdomen.

According to the report, the employee was not injured by the plastic bottle and did not want to prosecute the patient, but she did want the incident to be reported. The case is now closed.

Intoxicated student gets medical aid

On Jan. 19, an officer was dispatched to the Student Residence Center at about 1 a.m. regarding a male student who might have possessed drugs. According the report, the officer inquired with a female resident adviser about the incident, and she told police that the male student had been yelling and attempting to go upstairs. According to the report, the officer observed the student yelling gibberish and vomiting before falling into the floor. The student made it back onto the bed, and upon doing so, “removed his pants and vomited onto himself and onto the bed.”

The resident adviser told police that the student may have ingested ecstasy, and so medical assistance was called. After further tests, the student was rushed by an ambulance to UNMH. The officer seized a jar suspected to contain marijuana and a black electric pipe to be tagged for destruction.