After reading Mac Morin’s letter (“New Atheists neglect modern cases for God”), I noticed a word he liked to use a lot: Philosopher.

In a simplified manner, a philosopher observes the natural world and makes deductions based on what they see. For example, a philosopher would look at a healthy plant in sunlight vs. an unhealthy plant that gets no sun and think, “What’s the difference? One plant is in sun and the other isn’t. So, logically, sun is good for plants.” But the philosopher never experiments.

Scientists are the ones that prove things are or are not. They take data and materials and actually do things with them. That is a basis of proof, not somebody coming up with a theory in their head and not having any way to prove it.

Until one of these philosophers starts doing experiments with a divine entity’s blood or bones or something to say this divine entity exists, there’s no rational reason to believe in God, and certainly no reason to let a religion that can’t show sound evidence that what they preach is true have such a big influence in government.

By the way, Morin, Darwinism as a social influence is called Social Darwinism, which barely has anything to do with the theory of evolution. Funny how many Christians practice Social Darwinism with their religion, i.e. “Only my version of God is right and anyone who disagrees with me is going to hell.”

With the world going to crap, in large part thanks to a “Christian” president (thank you, George W. Bush), people have become fearful. Instead of standing up and facing their challenges, they find it’s easier to hide behind the theory of a giant force of good who loves you and protects you, like it does for all of its children.

Except if you don’t believe in it. Even if you lead a good, moral life, you’ll still be suffering forever in the pit of fire.

It’s going to take more than that theory to convince a rational, intelligent person to put aside their own gut feelings about this subject and blindly follow what a book written by peasants and one tax collector from 2000 years ago says.

Caedmon Holland
UNM student