Boyfriend reported for threats at UNMH

On January 28, officers arrived at UNMH on a report of a woman who said she was in fear of being followed. According to the report, Claudia Molina said she was at a gym when her boyfriend called her and asked her where she was, intending to visit her. Molina reportedly told him not to bother, as she was leaving, and saw that he was waiting in the parking lot; she drove off, and noticed him following her, according to the report.

Molina called APD, who directed her to UNMH and instructed her to find hospital security. Her boyfriend entered UNMH after Molina and began shouting at her, with threats against her ex-boyfriend and of knowing where Molina lives, despite Molina having never given him her address, according to the report.

The responding officer contacted the boyfriend, who stated that the incident Molina described never occurred, and that UNMH surveillance footage would prove that, according to the report.
Police were able to contact the district court judge and obtain Molina an emergency restraining order.

Student reports car battery theft at G lot

On January 29, police responded to a reported car burglary at UNM’s G Lot. According to the report, Jesse Hart stated that he parked his car in the lot at 9:45 that morning, and when he returned at about 1:30 that afternoon, he noticed damage to his car. Further inspection revealed that the car battery was missing, but the battery cables had been disconnected properly and were not damaged, according to the report.

The battery was valued at approximately $70. Police did not find any prints and there are no suspects at this time, according to the report.

Man tried to enter police car, officer says

On January 30, an officer on vehicle patrol observed a male subject behaving suspiciously. The suspect was attempting to open the left side doors of an unmarked police car parked in the UNMPD parking lot, according to the report. The man denied attempting to open the doors when stopped by police.

According to the report, police found that the man had an outstanding warrant for his arrest, issued for commercial burglary on the order of $2,500. Police placed him under arrest and transferred him to the prisoner transport unit.

Report: Bicycle stolen outside Anderson

On January 31, Jens Deichmann reported to UNMPD that his bicycle had been stolen from outside the Anderson School of Management building on January 28. According to the report, Deichmann said he had returned from teaching a class to discover that the bike was missing. He had given nobody permission to use the bike. Deichmann said he had attempted to file an online report, but received an email stating that, because the crime was a felony, he would need to make a report in person, according to the report.

The bicycle was entered into the National Crime Information Center as stolen with no suspect information. No further information was available, according to the report.