‘Agitated’ patient damages psych unit

On Feb. 15, an officer was dispatched to the UNM Psychiatric Center in response to an agitated and combative man tearing up one of the rooms, according to a police report. The medical staff told the officer that the patient had damaged the door to the holding room and punched a hole in the wall; however the officer found that the door was just misaligned, according to the report. The officer reported that when he spoke to the man, the patient offered to pay for the damage caused to the room. The report states the man was well-behaved and courteous while speaking to the officer. The man had an extensive mental health and criminal history, according to the report. The physician told the officer that he did not want charges to be filed.

Vehicle stolen from Anthropology lot

On Feb. 15, a vehicle parked in the Anthropology parking lot was stolen, according to a police report. The reporting person showed the responding officer where the car had been parked and there was broken glass where the vehicle had been. The officer was told that no one had permission to take the vehicle, according to the report. Police dispatch put out an “attempt to locate” regarding the vehicle, according to the report. At the time of the report, the car had not been located.

Restraining order violated at UNMH

On Feb. 17, an officer was dispatched to UNMH in response to a complaint of a restraining order violation, according to a police report. A patient at the hospital reported receiving a phone call from an individual who has a restraining order against him.

According to the report, upon realizing who the caller was, the patient handed off the phone to someone else who was in the room with him. The other individual told the caller not to call the patient, as there was a restraining order in which the caller and the patient were not supposed to have contact. There was no readily available phone record of the call and the patient was unable to provide any information on the restraining order to the officer, according to the report. There was no further contact between the two parties.

iPad reported stolen at Nursing college

On Feb. 10, an iPad was reported stolen at the College of Nursing, according to a police report. The device was either stolen from the reporting person’s briefcase during a meeting or while it was in the person’s office. The iPad was reported to be gray/silver with a red case, and was valued at $200.